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Karina Perez
Ayana Galves
Christian Lipton
Bryant Garcia
Jassmine Guerrero

Charlie Rodriguez-Salazar
Diana Moreno
Issac Michael Ybarra
Chris Martinez



Support the Board’s Lasting Legacy of Leadership at CSUN

USU Board of Directors & Associated Students Elections
Vote on Tuesday, April 6 – Wednesday, April 7

The University Student Union (USU) Board of Directors is a student-led, action-oriented team dedicated to making a difference for every Matador. They make many important decisions to improve campus life for all CSUN students.

Over the last few years, the Board has been responsible for significant new additions to the USU at CSUN including the Student Recreation Center, Veterans Resource Center, Pride Center and the Oasis Wellness Center. Each year, they bring you popular USU events like Matafest, Matador Nights, CARNAVAL, Crunch Time and about a hundred more.

That’s why it’s important for vote in the USU Board of Directors and Associated Students Elections this spring — because the people you elect will get things done for you. It’s a lasting legacy of leadership that benefits each of us.

Check your CSUN email to cast your vote.

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2021 USU Board of Directors Candidate Statements

All statements were provided by the candidates and are unedited by the University Student Union.

    • Ayana GalvesAyana Galves

      Ayana is strategic, competitive, and futuristic. She is currently an active Board of Directors member, serving as the Chair of the Personnel Committee. Ayana is focused on continuing to be a leader in the USU, have a voice for all students, and educational/personal development. She is aware that the USU can help her to succeed in all aspects during her educational career here at California State University, Northridge.

    • Bryant GarciaBryant Garcia 

      Bryant Garcia is a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration program, with an emphasis in Public Sector Management and Leadership. This is complemented by his experience in program development and implementation at the local non-profit he works for that supports children and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Additionally, Bryant continues looking for ways to give back to his community as an active brother of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. With a seat on the University Student Union’s Board of Directors, he seeks to continue being an advocate for students and ensuring their needs are met. This commitment began for him as an undergraduate at CSUN. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies in 2017. While on campus, Bryant served as a student assistant employee at the University Student Union (USU) while also recommending policies and programs in the Facilities and Commercial Services Committee, under the Board of Directors. More importantly, Bryant worked on other committees and campaigns at the USU in the preliminary development for the New Heart of Campus Project, bringing students new programs and state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly facilities to the USU. 

    • Jassmine Guerrero Jassmine Guerrero 
      Rise Above 

      Jassmine Guerrero is a first generation college student who is Double Majoring in Chican@Studies and Psychology. Jassmine has served one term as a member of the USU Board and the Co-Chair of the USU Finance Committee. In her time as a board member she has learned many lessons, the biggest of which is how to serve her community.  She is eager to return to the board to ensure that her fellow students are receiving the best college experience possible.

    • Christian LiptonChristian Lipton 
      Rise Above

      Christian Lipton currently serves as Lambda Chi Alpha’s Recruitment Chairman, IFC's Vice President, USU Marketing’s Admin Assistant, and is the former Event Coordinator for Camp Kesem. His goal is to engage with students to understand their needs, bring an energized attitude to the board, and promote unity throughout campus by showcasing ideas that can increase engagement. He is an award-winning content creator who is excited to bring his own form of creativity to the USU.

    • Chris MartinezChris Martinez

      Chris Martinez is excited and ready to become an active member of the CSUN community. He is passionate, devoted, and optimistic to make a positive impact on the students and their lives at CSUN. Chris’ managerial and leadership roles in his previous work experience proves that he knows how to connect with students, motivate them, and lead them to the opportunities and resources they need.

    • Diana Moreno Diana Moreno  

      Diana Moreno is here to create easier pathways and programs that help guide student success. She is here to help power you, to help achieve your goals! The USU Board of Directors is designed for people like Diana to make a difference on campus. She has a sincere interest in bringing positive change. She understands University students may face big obstacles and yet have even bigger dreams. She is inspired by your stories, your obstacles, from thousands of students pursuing their dreams through higher education. 

      PLEASE VOTE ONLINE ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY APRIL 6TH AND 7TH Directly from your personalized ballet via your CSUN email. 

    • Karina Perez Karina Perez 

      Karina Perez is a first year graduate student in the Chicana and Chicano Studies M.A. program. She has been affiliated with a folklórico dance group called Nuestras Raíces for over fifteen years. Additionally, Perez has been selected as an Ebell Scholar for the past years. She has also been awarded with College and Departmental Honors during her undergraduate career at the University of California, Los Angeles. She wishes to make connections and get involved with our campus and greater Matador community by serving as a member on the Board. As a Board member she looks forward to expanding the relationships between students and faculty and most importantly, to ensure that all students have the support and resources needed to succeed as both students and individuals.

    • Charlie Rodriguez-Salazar Charlie Rodriguez-Salazar 
      Rise Above

      Charlie Rodriguez-Salazar is a third-year transfer and first-generation student. He’s currently a member of Lobby Corps, Unified We Serve, and has past experience as Commissioner of Human Relations hosting and directing blood drives through the Red Cross. Charlie will utilize his experience as a student who has navigated multiple foreign spaces to ensure all students are given the resources needed to thrive in this environment and are made aware of the opportunities CSUN provides.

  • Isaac Michael Ybarra Isaac Michael Ybarra   
    Rise Above

    Isaac Michael Ybarra studies Cinema Television of Arts with a Film Emphasis. He was a Para-professional at the Disability Resources and Educational Services center as a freshman in April 2016. Currently he serves as Vice President of American Indian Student Association (AISA). Last year he studied Art History for the academic year at Florence, Italy, CSU’s Student Center. He is running to be a person of service among his diverse peers, along with representing his Native American community. Providing fresh insight on projects, because he believes there is always room for improvement. During his tenure he seeks to propel creative projects that represent a true perception of CSUN’s influential campus, advocating on behalf of all its students, in order cultivate tasks developed by past board members. He hopes to advance himself as someone who can unite others and lead together. Like former members of the board, he aspires to be an example of perseverance and innovation.