U-Rise and Bridges


Jazlyn Armendariz

Major: Psychology

Mentor: Thomas Chan Ph.D.

Research Project Title: Understanding human machine teaming and trust /// Baltimore experience corps study 

Steven Ayoub

Major:  Chemistry

Mentor:  Tyler Luchko Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Automated, Efficient and Rigorous Absolute Binding Free Energy Calculations

Karina Barragan

Major:  Public Health - Applied Epidemiology

Mentor:  Claudia Toledo-Corral Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Ambient Air Pollution is associated with type 2 diabetes risk in obese and overweight ethnic minority youth

Detrich Galloway


Major:  Public Health

Mentor:  Kacie Blackman Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Doulas Providing Support to Black Birthing Families During COVID-19

Giovanna Garrido Blanco

Major:  Psychology

Mentor:  Thomas Chan Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Baltimore Experience Corps Study 

Jasmine Hamilton

Major:  Biology

Mentor:  Cheryl Hogue Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Characterization of flatfish gut microbial communities, parasitic infection levels, and health indices across a gradient of wastewater effluent exposure in Santa Monica Bay

Jesus Hernandez

Major:  Chemistry

Mentor:  Joseph Teprovich Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Designing Carbon Dots for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Jessica Hunter

Major:  Biology

Mentor:  Gilberto Flores Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Creating a genetic system for Akkermansia muciniphila

Richard Hurtado

Major:  Psychology

Mentor:  Sun-Mee Kang Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Observing the negativity bias in individuals with low empathy

Roland Lacap

Major:  Biology

Mentor:  Maria Elena de Bellard Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  A molecular approach to elasmobranch nociception

Nancy Mendoza Estrada

Major:  Psychology

Mentor:  Jill Razani Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Neuropsychiatric Symptom Impact on Performance of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Caregiver Burden and Distress

Martin Puebla

Major:  Biology

Mentor:  Maria Elena Zavala Ph.D.

Research Project Title:  Characterization of modified PHA-E lectin in transformed Phaeseolus vulgaris