Web Accessibility Criteria

  About the Web Accessibility Criteria

Web Accessibility Criteria includes the most critical compliance criteria of Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). Every criterion targets specific accessibility issue that would ultimately improve the overall webpage accessibility level and user experience. These criteria help web developers and content creators to learn and implement accessibility factors within their development life cycle and further improve the functionality and accessibility level of their web presence.

  Web Accessibility Criteria Categories

Web Accessibility Criteria cover various digital accessibility components and standards while collectively bring attention to every aspect of the digital and online presence. They are divided into categories which address issues with a similar concept, structure or functionality. It provides a ground for testers and content creators to concentrate on a single issue at any time and helps improve the mediation and problem-solving procedures. The criteria categories are the following.

Alternate Description

Images Image Maps Scripting


Interactive Media Screen Movement


Semantic Requirements Frames Tables

Comprehensive Visual Display

Style Sheets Color

User Interface

Usability Readability Keyboard Accessibility

Time Response Forms


Link Functionality Link Display Comprehensive Link Text