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Testing and Learning Tools


This page contains a compiled list of commercial or open-source (free) tools that support the creation and assessment of universally designed materials and tools for learning and testing. These tools are divided into five major categories: web accessibility, document accessibility, assistive technology, video and multimedia, and instructional materials. All the tools listed are available to download as extensions, toolbar for browsers,  stand alone applications or as online web applications.  

Departmental technical assistance may be required to install these tools.

Web Accessibility Tools


Web Accessibility Evaluation tools 
ToolType Open Source or Commercial? Description Link to download/access 
Accessibility BookmarkletsBookmarks Open Source

The Accessibility Bookmarklets tool makes accessibility features, such as ARIA landmarks, roles, labels, and descriptions, visible at the top of the page and allows developers and creators to assess if the markup is developed with the correct semantics for accessibility.

Browser(s) supported: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows 7, 8.x and 10 only) and Safari (OSX only)

Instructions to install Accessibility Bookmarklets

Accessibility Developer Tools

Browser Extension  Open Source

Accessibility developer tools for Chrome will add an accessibility audit and an accessibility sidebar pane in the elements tab of the Chrome Developer Tools.

Browser(s) supported: Chrome 

Accessibility Developer tools for Chrome
AInspector SidebarBrowser Extension  Open Source

AInspector Sidebar is a web accessibility evaluation tool that evaluates based on WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA requirements and ARIA.  Evaluation results are organized by Rule Categories and WCAG Guidelines.

Browser(s) supported: Firefox 

AInspector Sidebar for Firefox
ATbarBrowser Extension Open Source

The ATbar browser extension can adjust font and font size. It also includes a dictionary, a text to speech tool and the ability to change color overlay.

Instructionso to install ATbar


Chrome ExtensionOpen Source

The aXe extension detects accessibility errors on a webpage. To run an accessibility check, right click on the webpage, use your brower's "Inspect" element and select the tab “aXe”.

Browser(s) supported:Chrome

aXe for Chrome


Chrome ExtensionOpen Source

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps. When auditing a page, Lighthouse runs a barrage of tests against the page, and then generates a report on what you can do to improve your app.

Browser(s) supported:Chrome

Lighthouse for Chrome

Link Grabber

Chrome ExtensionOpen Source

An easy to use extractor or grabber for hyperlinks on an HTML page. It extract links from an HTML page and display them in another tab.

Browser(s) supported:Chrome

Link Grabber for Chrome
Color SafeOnline applicationOpen Source

Color Safe allows you to find background and font colors that meet color contrast standards.

Color Safe
ColorZillaBrowser Extension  Open Source

Add-on that assists web developers and designers in analyzing and selecting color readings anywhere on a web page. 

Browser(s) supported: Chrome and Firefox

ColorZilla for Firefox

ColorZilla for Chrome

Compliance Deputy ExtensionBrowser Extension  Commercial 

Compliance deputy is a browser-based solution that allows developers and content creators to evaluate and repair accessibility errors before publishing them.

Browser(s) supported: Chrome 40.0 and aboveIE 9.0 and above*, and Safari 7.0 and above*. 

Note: IE and Safari versions are currently not working

*CSU community: Compliance Sheriff and Deputy is available to all CSU campuses. Visit UDC's Compliance Sheriff page for more information

Compliance Deputy for Chrome
Compliance SheriffOnline ApplicationCommercial

Compliance sheriff is a program that tests entire websites, informing the user of what issues they may have committed, and where to fix them

*CSU community: Compliance Sheriff and Deputy is available to all CSU campuses. Visit UDC's Compliance Sheriff page for more information

Compliance Sheriff Login 

(CSU members only)

GrayscaleBrowser Extension  Open Source

Tool that changes the color display of a website to black, white and gray only. 

Browser(s) supported: Chrome 

Grayscale for Chrome
Image Map GeneratorOnline Application Open Source

Allows users to create image maps with accessibility features. 

Image Map Generator 
Juicy Studio Accessibility ToolbarBrowser toolbar Open Source

The toolbar enables developers to examine WAI-ARIA live regions roles and properties, examine data tables, and determine if the color contrast is sufficient

Browser(s) supported: Firefox

Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar for Firefox
NoCoffeeBrowser ExtensionOpen Source

The NoCoffee browser extension creates simulations to show various types of visual disabilities. It shows how people with blurred vision, color blindness and low contrast view a computer screen.

NoCoffee for Chrome


PenguiniumBrowser Extension  Open Source

Tool that changes the color display of a website to black, white and gray only. 

 Browser(s) supported: Chrome 

Penguinium for Chrome
Remove iFrame Browser Extension  Open Source

Tool that removes an iFrame for web accessibility evaluation. 

Browser(s) supported: Chrome

Remove iFrame for Chrome 


Bookmarklet Open Source

The Tota11y bookmarklet outline: headings, alternative text, and identify missing labels. This tool currently has a screen reader wand in beta mode that show how screen readers will announce items. Tota11y can also be embedded on websites so your audience can test your site’s accessibility.

How to Add Tota11y Bookmarklets

Web Accessibility Evaluation (WAVE) Tool 

Online application and browser extension and toolbar

 Open Source

Developed by WebAIM, WAVE is a tool that allows web developers, content creators and users alike to evaluate websites for accessibility compliance based on Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA techniques. WAVE is available as a website but can also be installed on select browsers. For a tutorial on WAVE, go to UDC's Intermediate Evaluation Techniques page. 

Browser(s) supported: Firefox* and Chrome

*NOTE:  To use the WAVE toolbar in Firefox versions 43.0 and above, additional support is needed. Please visit Mozilla Support for assistance.

WAVE Website Tool

WAVE Toolbar for Chrome 

WAVE Toolbar for FireFox

Web Developer ExtensionBrowser Extension and toolbar Open Source

The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to a web browser allowing users the ability to evaluate websites for accessibility.

Browsers Supported: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Web Developer Extension for Firefox

Web Developer Extension for Chrome

Web Developer Extension for Opera

W3C Markup Validator ServiceOnline application Open Source

The W3C validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

Use the W3C Validator

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Document Accessibility Tools

Document Accessibility Evaluation Tool
Tool Type Open Source or Commercial?Description Link to download/access 
Commonlook Office ProApplication Commercial

Application to create accessible, Section 508 compliant PDF documents from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

NOTE: This product is available for trial usage only 

Request a Trial 
PAVEOnline application Open SourceAccessible PDF checker that will scan documents and make automatic corrections to some accessibility errors. Upload PDF file in PAVE
PDF ChecklistOnline application Open SourceDeveloped by UDC, the PDF checklist is a basic evaluation tool to access the accessibility of a newly converted PDF Document.Use the PDF Checklist
Tingtun PDF Checker Online application Open SourceOpen source tool Upload PDF to generate a report of PDF accessibility based on WCAG 2.0 Upload PDF File in Tingtun PDF Checker
Word ChecklistOnline application Open SourceDeveloped by UDC, the Word checklist is a basic evaluation tool to access the accessibility of a Word Document.Use the Word Checklist
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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technologies and Resources
ToolType Open Source or Commercial?DescriptionLink to download/access 


Browser Extension 

Open Source

The ChromeVox is a screen reader extension to Chrome that brings the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome to visually impaired users.

Add ChromeVox Extension to Chrome 


Browser Extension 

Open Source

The FireVox is a screen reader extension for Firefox that brings the speed, versatility, and security of Firefox to visually impaired users.

Add FireVox to Firefox 

JAWS Screen Reader

Standalone Application 


JAWS by Freedom Scientific is the most popular screen reader software that provides speech and braille output to allow users with low vision from accessing content on a PC. This application is a paid software but a free trial version is available that allows users access to a 30-minute demo mode. 

JAWS Free Trial 

Natural Reader

Standalone application and Online Application 

Open Source

Text to speech program that will read text out load with natural sounding voices. This product is available as a free online web application and a stand alone downloadable application. A paid version is also available that provides additional services and features. 

Natural Reader Website Tool

Download the Free Natural Reader for Windows

Download the Free Natural Reader for Mac

NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)

Standalone Application 

Open Source

Free screen reader that allows users with no vision to access content on PC. It reads text and information on a screen in a "computerized voice" and can convert text into braille. 

Download NVDA

TalkBack (Android)

SoftwareOpen Source and Commerical

Talkback is a screen reader for Android devices. This software provides audio and vibration feedback. The Select to Speak feature can read or describe a highlighted item. VoiceOver has image recongition that can describe an image and read text within an image. The Switch Access feature allows people to navigate the device with a switch.

Getting Started with TalkBack
VoiceOver (Apple)SoftwareOpen Source

VoiceOver is a screen reading software for Apple devices. It gives people auditory descriptions of the content that appears on screen. Gestures can be customized and be used as screen reader shortcuts. Voiceover also supports braille keyboard.

Getting Started with VoiceOver
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Voice Recognition


Voice Recognition Tools and Resources
ToolType Open Source or Commercial? Description Link to download/access 
Alexa (Amazon)Software Open Source

Alexa is a voice service that is integrated with Amazon and third-party products. Alexa responds to voice commands and can do various tasks such as adjust a device’s volume, provide captions for Alexa’s responses, support keyboard navigation, and create customizable wake phrases.

Accessibility Features for Alexa
Cortana (Microsoft)Software Open Source

Cortana is a virtual assistant that is available on Microsoft products and can also be downloaded in the App Store. This software can set reminders, read notifications, send messages, and provide you with quick answers.

Getting Started with Cortana
Dragon NaturallySpeakingStandalone Software Commerical

Dragon is speech recognizing software. Depending on the type of software subscription purchased, it can transcribe audio recordings, perform simple voice commands, create voice shortcuts, or dictate documents.

Dragon Subscriptions

Siri (Apple)

Software Open Source

Siri is a virtual assistant for Apple products such as the iPhone and iMac. A few things Siri can do are: search for questions online, set reminders or send messages. Its settings can also be adjusted to learn how to pronounce words correctly. In the recent iOS 11 update, you can communicate with Siri by typing using the Type to Siri feature.

Siri Features
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Video and Multimedia Tools

Multimedia Evaluation Tools
ToolType Description Link to download/access 
AmaraOnline applicationAmara is a subtitle editor tool that makes it easy to caption and translate videos.Signup for Amara
Caption And
Description Editing Tool(CADET)
Standalone application CADET is a free caption-authoring software that allows all users the ability to produce high-quality caption files that are compatible with any media player that supports the display of captions.Download CADET
ClipsIOS application Clips is an Apple application designed to make videos. It is available for iPhone and iPad only.Try Clips for IOS
VLC PlayerStandalone application An open-source multimedia player that can open most audio and video formats.  This product is available for all PC, Mac, Android and IOS platforms. Download VLC Player
YouDescribeOnline applicationYouDescribe allows volunteer sighted describers to take a YouTube video and create an audio description soundtrack for free.Instructions
YouTube Caption Auditor (YTCA)Standalone application YTCA is a tool used to collect stats from one or more Youtube channels regarding their captioning number duration and usage. An open-source multimedia player that can open most audio and video formats.  This product is available for all PC, Mac, Android and IOS platforms. YTCA access instructions
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Instructional Materials


Instructional Materials Evaluation Tools
Tool Type Open Source or Commercial?Description Link to download/access 

Canvas Accessibility Checker

Online ToolOpen Source

The learning management system, Canvas, has a feature embedded to check for accessibility. This feature checks accessibility in tables, headings, alternative text, color contrast and links.

How to Use the Canvas Accessibility Checker
DesmosOnline applicationOpen Source

Desmos is the next generation accessible graphing calculator that ensures all students, including students with visual, physical and/or cognitive disabilities, have the ability to learn math. Desmos has been configured to be compliant with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards and is available as a free open source tool for the public.

Browser(s) supported: Firefox with the latest version of JAWS 17, Window-Eyes 9.5 or NVDA 2016.2, Chrome with the latest version of JAWS 17  or NVDA 2016.2 and for Macs, Safari or Chrome are supported using VoiceOver on Mac OS 10.11 or higher.

Use Desmos
EquatIOBrowser ExtensionCommercial

EquatIO is a tool integrated into Google Docs used to express mathematical expressions digitally and create fully accessible equations. EquatIO features: voice, write or type equations; it makes predictions; and can add equations or formulas into Google docs, forms, slides, etc.

This tool is available for a 30 day trial with a variety of services and features. After the 30 days, a free version with limited features is available.  

Browser(s) supported: Chrome

Download Equat10
for Chrome
Open Source

Mathplayer is a math reader that enables math to be spoken by assistive technology. This application works with NVDA screen reader to speak and braille math content in Word, PowerPoint, IE, and Firefox. MathPlayer can also work with Internet Explorer in Enterprise Mode to display the math in web pages

Download Mathplayer
MathtypeToolbar Commercial

Mathplayer is a math equation developer tool that allows users to create mathematical equations for Word, websites, desktop publishing, presentations as well as for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents. MathType is available for Mac and PC and works with a variety of applications and websites.

This tool is available for purchase but a 30-day trial is available that becomes a free "MathType light" version at the end of the trial. 

Mathtype free 30-day trial
Read and Write Toolbar/
Extension or Standalone application

Read and Write is a literacy software that makes documents, files and web pages more accessible. This tool is capable of reading text out loud and makes it easier to understand information thus making everyday literacy tasks simpler, quicker and more accurate.

Read and Write is available as an Education version or a Work version for a 30 day trial as a browser extension or as a stand alone application* for any Windows, Mac, iPad or Android Device.

Browser(s) supported: Chrome

*CSUN Community: CSUN provides Read and Write for education free to all students, faculty, and staff. For download instructions visit the DRES Read and Write page.

Read and Write for Education 30 day Trial

Read and Write for Work 30-day trial