PDF Checklist

Yes for Accessibility!

Interact with the 10 point checklist while reviewing a newly converted PDF document. The links provide a guide to complete each checkpoint. Finally, click, "Yes" as each checkpoint is complete.

  1.  Has the Make Accessible Action Wizard been run?  
  2.  Are the title and author present on the PDF?  
  3. Is the reading language set?  
  4.  Do images and tables have alternative text (alt text)?  
  5.  Is the reading order structured correctly? 
  6. Was color contrast considered?  
  7. Do objects have proper tags?  
  8.  Are links active?  
  9.  Do tables have marked headers? 
  10. Are form fields properly labeled?  

Additional Considerations

These remaining items provide additional accessibility consideration for PDF Accessibility.

  • Use the Read Out Load feature to listen to the reading order
  • Use bookmarks for documents longer than 9 pages
  • All decorative images are marked as background
  • Use a concise document file name that doesn't include spaces
  • Make sure all footnotes or references marked as notes and reference tags are placed in proper reading order