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CSUN has a new tool, EquatIO, to help you make your STEM content accessible. 

  What is EquatIO? 

  • An equation editor that creates and remediates STEM content
  • Gives you options for creating and remediating your STEM content
  • It’s works across platforms & devices
  • You can have it on your personal or CSUN computer
  • Gives you content that looks correct and reads aloud with Assistive Technology
  • EquatIO features such as speak, type, handwrite, mobile using camera capture, or screenshot reader
  • EquatIO is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Google Chrome extension

  Why Are We Looking At EquatIO? 

Speech to math equatio

  • All content needs to be accessible and STEM is included!
  • Creating accessible STEM can be time-consuming and involve tools that can be overwhelming or not user-friendly
    • If you’re already a MathML or LaTeX user, EquatIO has those options
  • EquatIO provides tools across platforms and devices, so you can use your own tech
  • CSUN STEM ‘content creators’ are responsible to ensure that their content is accessible
    • The same way we look at videos, documents, and other media


Accessibility Presentation


  How to Install Desktop EquatIO? 

CSUN Software Center for Windows

Screenshot of CSUN Software Center for Windows and arrow points to install EquatIO.

CSUN Self Service for Mac

Screenshot of Self Service for Mac and arrow points to install EquatIO.

Download EquatIO for your personal computer

Sign in with Microsoft to log in your CSUN email address

Step 1 to sign in with Microsoft  Step 2 enter your CSUN email address

Step 3 choose Work or school account created by your IT Department Step 4 Microsoft services login username and password

Step 5 Awesome! You're now authorized to use EquatIO and all of its amazing features. 

  Video Tutorials 

Video Credit: Texthelp - EquatIO - Overview Training Video (total length 1:05:31 mins)

Video Credit: Texthelp - EquatIO YouTube Playlist Videos from Texthelp