Information for Developers 

Developing accessible and inclusive websites and applications is the responsibility of anyone who publishes content on the web. When creating a website, it is important to ALWAYS consider accessibility as a forethought rather than an afterthought. It takes time to incorporate accessibility into web content and adding accessibility during development will streamline the process.  Ultimately, making accessible web content benefits everyone as it will ensure all people have access to information regardless of any disabilities or user preferences. 

 What to Consider to Create an Accessible Website

  1. Understand the web accessibility guidelines, best practices, and success criteria. At CSUN, we strive to make sure all web content meets WCAG Level A and Level AA conformance. To learn more about accessibility guidelines, success criteria and best practices, go to:

  2. As you create a website, follow accessible coding techniques. It is important to always aim to incorporate accessible HTML markup and standards to make an accessible website. However when HTML cannot be used to make an accessible website, Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) can be used instead. To learn more about accessible coding technique and ARIA go to:

  3. Always test your website for accessibility compliance. Testing for accessibility should be conducted in all key steps such as during development, before release, and with every update or enhancement conducted to your website. Testing can be conducted using various automated testing tools and manual testing techniques. To learn more about testing for accessibility go to:

  4. When accessibility problems are found, create a road-map for remediation and a plan for alternative access. An accessibility road-map outlines a time-frame of when you expect to correct any accessibility issues on a website. A plan for alternate access is a document that defines the alternatives and/or workaround solutions that will be used to support users with disabilities who are unable to fully access a web page due to accessibility issues. For more on accessibility road maps and plan for alternate access go to: 

 Accessibility Issues or Concerns?

 To report accessibility or usability problems, please contact the webpage owner. You may also email udc@csun.edu to report any accessibility or usability problems and to suggest web page improvements. We value the insights and ideas you may share as a visitor to these web pages. 

 Where to get help? 

The Universal Design Center (UDC) is available for consultations and training at udc@csun.edu or, during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific time), at (818) 677-5898.