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Compliance Sheriff Quarterly Scans

 About the CSUN Quarterly Scans

A series of Compliance Sheriff scans are scheduled to run on a quarterly basis during the year on the second weekends of January, April, July and October. Compliance Sheriff Coordinators are notified when the reports become available for their review.

 2019 Quarterly Scan Schedule

Based on the success of the efforts in the first quarter of 2017 to fix broken links, this will be a recurring secondary topic with each quarterly report.

Scan QuarterScheduled Scan DateCriteria for this QuarterResources
1stJanuary 13, 2019Embedded content (iframes) 
2ndApril 14, 2019Alternative text for imagesBest Practices for Accessible Images
3rdJuly 14, 2019Web FormsBest Practices for Accessible Forms
4thOctober 13, 2019Videos and documents posted on CSUN websites