Complex Image Example

The bar graph represents the prevalence of disabilities for ages 18+ (in millions) as identified through a 2014 American Community Survey from the United States Census Bureau. Each bar represents a particular disability. The bar on the left (blue bar) represents ambulatory disabilities including serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs and the bar shows that 20.6 million are affected with 10.4 million being individuals who are 65 yrs. or older. The bar next bar (purple bar) represents the individuals with disabilities who are in independent living and have difficulty doing errands alone. 14.1 million Americans are affected by this with 6.8 million being 65 yrs of age or older. The following bar (orange bar) represents cognitive disabilities and this includes difficulty remembering, concentrating or making decisions. 12.8 million people suffer from cognitive impairments and 4.1 million people are 65 yrs. or order. Hearing disabilities is the next one (green bar) and this includes deaf and having serious difficulty hearing and 10.8 million people are impacted with 6.7 million being 65 yrs. or older. Self-care disabilities are the second to last (dark blue bar) which include difficulty bathing or dressing and 7.4 million people are affected by this with 3.8 being 65 Yrs. of age or older. The right most bar (red bar) is regarding vision disabilities and this includes blind or serous difficulty seeing even with glasses. 6.8 people are impacted and 3.0 million are 65 yrs of age or older.
This information was derived from the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commence, Economics and Statistics Administration. Source: 2014 American Community Survey-Prevalence of Disabilities for Ages 18+