• Mobile Accessibility

Browser Interoperability


Relying on the browser and web standards provides the best guarantee for browser compatibility and responsive design. Standard formats supported by web browsers provide the highest interoperability. 

  What to Consider

Valid Markup:

Create documents that validate to published formal grammars.

Content Format Support

Send content in a format known by the device.

Content Format Preferred

Where possible, send content in a preferred format.

Character Encoding Support

Ensure that content is encoded using a character encoding known to be supported by the target device.

Character Encoding Use

Indicate in the response the character encoding being used.

Style Sheets Use:

Use style sheets to control layout and presentation, unless the device is known not to support them.


Use features of the markup language to indicate logical document structure.

Error Messages

Provide informative error messages and a means of navigating away from an error message back to useful information.


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