Accessibility and Universal Design

  What is Accessibility?

Accessibility ensures everyone can perceive, understand, engage, navigate, and interact with technology regardless of device, software, or product without barriers. A diagram of "ABILITY = easy to" then three arrows point toward Easy to Get, Easy to Understand, and Easy to Use.

Accessibility is not about disability; it's actually about ability. It's about making it easy for everyone to:

  • Acquire the same information
  • Engage in the same interactions
  • Enjoy the same services

Accessibility is for everyone.

  What is Universal Design?

Universal Design, the design that is simple, useful and accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities.

Universal Design means design for everyone.

Make one design that fit everyone

  Accessibility & Universal Design Tutorial (PDF) PDF icon

Designing for Accessibility: Do's and Don'ts (UK Posters)

 Video Presentation in Panopto

 Video presentation in Panopto

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