University 100

Teaching University 100


Important: ALL required application materials and recommendation forms must be received by 5/11/18 at 12 noon for an applicant to be considered for fall 2018. Late materials absolutely will not be accepted.

How to apply: instructions for the 2018-2019 pool




  • NEW APPLICANTS to the U100 pool must submit a complete application (see position announcement above for details). Email applications are welcome and encouraged.
  • If your complete application is already on file with us for U100 because you applied in a prior academic year, and if you now wish to be considered for fall 2018, send an email to Kim Henige (no later than 5/11/18) and:
    • Indicate that you would like to be included in the coming year's pool
    • Include your reflection, as described in this year's announcement (and also listed just below)
      • Reflection:
        • Describe one thing you plan to change about your approach to teaching in the coming semester
        • Describe one assignment or teaching approach you have recently used that you might like to use (or re-use) in U100 in the coming fall semester
        • In your reflection, explain: why you want to change and why you want to use that approach or assignment in U100
        • No more than one page/250 words maximum
    • Again, if your application is already on file, your resume, letter of interest, and letters of recommendation are not necessary, unless you would like to provide updated versions. Note: This year we are requesting recommendations in a new format.

Academic First Year Experiences will acknowledge all applications by email (from either Kim Henige or Kelly Kroeker). Please provide us with your email address when you apply. 

For further information, email Kim Henige, Course Director for U100: or call Kelly Kroeker at 818-677-6535.

Thanks for your interest in University 100. 

About teaching U100 for CSUN's Educational Opportunity Programs

The U100 positions announced on this webpage are offered through Academic First Year Experiences.  Please contact the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) office at CSUN if you are interested in teaching U100 as part of that program, which has its own separate deadline (3/16/18) and application process. You can also access their position announcement here: EOP U100 FACULTY POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT