University 100

  • Congratulating the newest Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarship winners

    April 2019

  • Faculty, students, and members of the family celebrate the Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarship winners in April 2017.

    Celebrating the scholarship winners in April 2017

  • Faculty, guests, and members of the Marino J. Riccomini family celebrate the first four scholarship winners.

    Celebrating the Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarships

  • Celebrating nine new winners in March 2018
  • Scholarship winners, Dr. Kim Henige, and Prof. Lisa Riccomini

The Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarships

Fall 2020 application deadline: Friday, February 5, 2021

Each semester, eligible U100 students are invited to apply for one of the Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarships. Up to twelve $1000 scholarships are awarded at CSUN each year.

See the Application requirements and other details below. 


Contact Dr. Kim Henige, Director of Academic First Year Experiences

About these scholarships

Marino J. Riccomini as a young man.The Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarships were created in 2015 in memory of Marino J. Riccomini, an advocate of higher education who wanted to provide opportunities for college success to those for whom financial need might otherwise be a barrier. 

Established by his widow Linda Riccomini, his daughter Lisa Riccomini, and his son-in-law Garrett Clancy, these scholarships are intended to support CSUN students who demonstrate financial need, who are in good academic standing with the university, who show a desire and commitment to succeed in their academic careers, and who have successfully completed University 100 in the semester that ends just before the deadline.

Who can apply?

CSUN freshmen who meet the criteria are eligible to apply (see below), including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students. Up to 12 $1000 scholarships will be awarded each academic year.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of CSUN faculty and staff familiar with University 100. Interested students should apply online through the CSUN Financial Aid and Scholarship Department on or before the deadline.

Scholarship winners

Flowers from the April 2017 Riccomini Scholarship celebration

Two students completing University 100 in spring 2020 were awarded scholarships:

  • Ruben Ayala
  • Jasmin Correa

Ten students completing University 100 in fall 2019 were awarded scholarships:

      • Hannah Albrecht
      • Amy Barcena
      • Suelen Chicas Garcia
      • Leslie Chung
      • Aaron Hofmann
      • Blaise Hurr
      • Patricia Llige
      • Cathy Quach
      • Sanjiti Sharma
      • Sophie Wade

Previous scholarship winners

Angelica Rocio Andrade (second from left), the spring 2016 scholarship recipient, holding her certificate) is joined by the three fall 2015 recipients at the awards celebration.

Fall 2018-Spring 2019: Zenani Dennis, Maritza Duran, Destinee Estrada, Nelson Mejia-Gonzalez, Jeff Mendoza, Anna Nshanyan, Itzel Lopez Pacheco, Devan Prince, Emily Regala, Eliseo Rosario, Grayson Szumilas

Fall 2017-Spring 2018: Lavina Barlow, Jesus Gomez Perez, Zaeriyon Griffin, Carlos Huerta, Grace Jacobsen, Elizabeth Jahna Pitpitan, Daniel Pluma, Aileen Ruiz, Monica Diaz Segovia, Ariana Solis. and Brianna Vallejos.

Fall 2016-Spring 2017: Christopher Aguilar, Dodge Alden Alcantar, Guadalupe Avitia, Liseth Ceja, Ingrid Morales, Davit Pashanyan, Jasmine Rodriguez, Sara Shatela, and Alannah Urata.

Fall 2015-Spring 2016: William Aric Goldstein, Angelica Rocio Andrade (holding her award certificate in the accompanying picture), Gloria V. Robles Gallardo, and Eloisa Garcia.

Application requirements

Linda Riccomini with her granddaughter, Sabrina Clancy.

  • - You must have successfully completed University 100 in the semester that ends just before the deadline.
  • - You must complete the FAFSA or CADAA to demonstrate that you have unmet financial need. For more about this process, go to the CSUN Financial Aid & Scholarship Department website.
  • - Your cumulative CSUN grade point average must be 3.0 or higher.
  • - You must answer the Riccomini Scholarship questions (total of 250 words or less): University 100 is all about lifelong learning, and the course offers a wide range of learning experiences. Choose one thing you learned in University 100 that is especially important to you: 
  • a) Identify and describe the important thing you learned.
  • b) Explain how you are applying it to your studies.
  • c) Explain how you are applying it in your personal life.
  • - You need two confidential written recommendations of support, one from your U100 professor and one from another CSUN professor who has taught you. The recommendation should be brief and address the question: "What specific insights or examples can you offer to illustrate this student’s commitment to learning?" Faculty members must submit their recommendations using CSUN's online scholarship application system. When you submit your application, you will be asked to submit the names and email addresses of the two faculty members that will be submitting your recommendations, which will give them access to the system. Important: be sure to give your professors enough notice to meet the application deadline; at least two weeks' notice is recommended.
  • To answer the questions, submit CSUN professor names, and formally apply, use CSUN's online scholarship application link: myMatador Scholarships. To find the scholarship, type in the keyword "Riccomini".

Good luck!

Q & A with past winners

Q: Why did you apply for the scholarship?

  • I applied for the scholarship because I needed scholarship money to help with tuition and housing fees.
  • As I began my college career I immediately noticed expenses can add up quickly. I was constantly told in high school by mentors and teachers to apply to scholarships, since they would be a great help. The Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarship was actually the first scholarship I applied to as a CSUN student, and to my great surprise I became a recipient!
  • I decided to apply for this scholarship, because I currently pay out of pocket for school supplies, transportation and food.

Q: How did you hear about the scholarship?

  • I heard about the scholarship from the CSUN Financial Aid & Scholarship Department's Facebook page.
  • At the U100 Freshman Celebration event, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Department had a table with flyers on scholarship information. I learned about the scholarship and its requirements through that flyer.
  • The first time I heard about the scholarship was from a friend who was taking University 100. At that time I was not enrolled in U100, but it definitely grabbed my attention so I enrolled second semester.
  • I heard about the scholarship in my University 100 class. My professor talked about this great scholarship opportunity in class and encouraged us to apply for the scholarship.

Q: Was it difficult applying for the scholarship? Can you explain the process? How long did it take?

  • The hardest part about applying for the scholarship was asking professors for letters of recommendation right at finals week. I was blessed with brilliant and caring professors my first semester at CSUN. when I approached my professors about writing letters of recommendation, they were caring, kind, and willing to write on for me. The worst thing my professors could have said was no, but my experience has been positive at CSUN.
  • Applying for the scholarship was not difficult, but it does require organization and time management. You want to make sure you have all forms uploaded and submitted by the due date. Also, letters of recommendation are needed so you want to ask your professors as respectfully as possible, with enough time for them to write one. They have busy schedules too, so its important to keep that in mind. Another section is the essay prompt that you have to respond to. I made sure to give myself enough time to thoroughly answer the questions and to edit any unclear portions.
  • Applying for the scholarship was not hard at all. It was actually one of the easiest scholarship applications to complete. The process is really easy, you basically fill out an application with all your personal information and complete a short essay. It did not take me too long to complete the essay because it was easy, but I also went to the LRC for feedback. Most importantly let your professors know about the letter of recommendations in time.
  • The hardest part for me was getting over my shyness and my unconfident self to speak up to two of my professors and ask them to please write me a recommendation letter.

Q: Was it intimidating to ask for a reference from your professors?

  • Yes. Even though I always showed up for class, turned in all of my work, participated in class, asking professors for help is always intimidating, especially when you have to ask them to go out of their way for you. How can you ever pay that back?
  • I was intimidated because a letter of recommendation is a big deal. My professors were very kind to take time out of their schedules to write one for me. Their letter takes part in this accomplishment, therefore asking for one should not be taken lightly.
  • Honestly, I was not intimidated at all. I had great chemistry with both my professors, and I proved to them I was a hard working student. I knew they would go out of their way to do me a big favor, because they cared for their students.
  • It definitely was a intimidating for me, because first of all, this was my first semester of college and I didn't think any of my professors would want to write a letter of recommendation to a student whom they’ve only known for four months. However once I asked them, it was definitely a relief when they agreed to write me a recommendation letter. If I had let my unconfident self take over during my application process, I would not have been able to proudly say that I am one of the winners of the this great scholarship.

Q: Do you feel more likely to apply for other scholarships now?

  • Yes. My professors continue to help me by writing letters of recommendation for me for additional scholarships. Asking for help is the hardest part.
  • I do! As time has moved forward, I am already in the process of applying to more scholarships. I learned I don't want to miss out on any opportunities, because at the end of the day anything can happen...including receiving another scholarship.
  • Definitely. I had a great experience with this scholarship, so it makes me believe that it’ll be the same for other ones. Professors want to see their students succeed, therefore they will help us with letters of recommendations. You just need to prove to them that you deserve it.
  • I do feel more likely to apply for other scholarships. Since I already set up my STARS account, I now am able to access other scholarships offered through it. The Marino J. Riccomini scholarship has also opened a door for me and handed me a great opportunity.