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Majors at CSUN: Hidden Gems You Didn't Know We Offered

CSUN offers 134 different majors and degree options. Some are in very familiar fields (like English, mathematics, or biology).  Others are less well-known.  

Here's a selection of hidden gems--the majors you probably didn't even know we offered at CSUN . Take a look; the list could change your life...or your major...or both!

Anthropology offers a major and a minor: 

Anthropology students conducting research in Catalina.


Family and Consumer Sciences offers five options:

The Department of Family & Consumer Sciences offers hands-on courses in design (and more!).


Geology offers two majors (Geology and Geophysics) as well as a minor: 

Geology Department students, staff, and faculty visiting the Grand Canyon.


Geography and Environmental Sciences offers two majors (Geography and Geographic Information Science) and two minors:

Geography students out in the field with mountains and clouds.


Jewish Studies offers a major and a minor:

Design detail from a restored synagogue in eastern Poland.


Recreation and Tourism Management offers a major and three minors:

Teams of two row boats as onlookers cheer from the shore.


Religious Studies offers a major and a minor:

A gilded cherub and the dome of St. Peter's in Rome symbolize part of the Religious Studies Department.


Urban Studies and Planning offers a major and a minor:

Urban Studies and Planning: Explore, Learn, & Practice in a world class city: Los Angeles.