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    Reading Matters Initiative


Students being taught by Professor Klein.

Taskforce Goals

The RMI arm of WRAD and The Learning Habits Project seeks to:

1.  Make explicit: 

  • The variety of demands that reading in university disciplines presents;
  • The range of purposes reading may have in coursework;
  • The nature of faculty expectations for students’ reading;
  • The challenges to students’ comprehension and use of the reading they’re asked to do. 

2.  Guide the development of ongoing workshops and resources for faculty and students respectively 

3.  Provide a clearinghouse for both these resources and ongoing discussion of specific challenges—this website


College reading is a challenge.  That's not news.  And it's not only CSUN students who are challenged.  Across campuses, both in the USA and beyond, faculty observe that students do not arrive in class having read assigned material, struggle in their use of instructional material, and are frequently overwhelmed by the sheer volume and range of reading (moving from math texts, to history, philosophy, or natural sciences, to sociology, and to literature, of various genres, for example).  Woven in here, as well, is the challenge of "drilling down" into the texts of chosen majors.  Students need to learn what it takes, for example, to understand what's at stake in a sociology paper, what's at work in the "executive summary" of a corporate report, or why the articles in the journal Science are written as they are.  And we need to support that learning.  Substantive student success depends on our guiding students to understand what the reading requires, to achieve a desirable level of proficiency at doing it, and to be able to use that proficiency beyond their bachelor's degrees.

Learning Habits and WRAD

The Reading Matters Initiative derives its impetus from our students, its charge from the commitment and goals of the  Learning Habits Project, and its initial spirit from the 'R' in WRAD.

RMI Founding Faculty


Sharon Klein, WRAD

Elizabeth Berry Communication Studies (AMC), Emerita/Learning Habits Co-Director

Administrative Liaisons

Bettina Huber Director, Institutional Research/ Learning Habits Co-Director

Elizabeth Adams, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Studies.