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    Fall 2017 Town Hall Meeting

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    Spring 2018 Institute for Transformative Teaching and Learning

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    December 2016 Town Hall Meeting



Institute for Transformative Teaching and Learning

Academic Innovation Showcases


Identifying and Activating Student Strengths & Amplifying Student Voice

A Delicate Balance: High Achieving Latinas Negotiating Academic Demands, Family, and Individual Aspirations

Mónica G. García, Secondary Education

Two Sides of the Coin: Using Risk Assessment to Promote a Growth Mindset

Ron Klemp, Secondary Education

Experiencing Confidence and Enjoyment of Learning (ExCEL): Programs for Motivating Students and Empowering Faculty

Mark Stevens, Educational Psychology & Counseling

Kufundisha: An Innovative Teaching Approach for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning

Cedric Hackett, Africana Studies

Building Relationships & Providing Enrichment

Student Success Collaborative: Mentors and Mentees in HHD

Doris Abrishami, Health Sciences

Chris Bolsmann, Kinesiology

Civil Discourse & Social Change

Aimee Carrillo Rowe, Communication Studies

Stevie Ruiz, Chicano and Chicana Studies

Peer Learning Facilitators for Exercise Physiology

Kim Henige, Kinesiology

Summer Interdisciplinary Team Research in STEM

Cristina Cadavid, Physics and Astronomy

BUILD PODER: Race/Ethnicity and Biomedical Education

Gabriela Chavira & Carrie Saetermoe, Psychology

Service Learning as a High Impact Practice

Debi Cours, Marketing & Danielle Spratt, English 

Integrating Prerequisites for Learning, Situating Learning in the Lives of Students, & Eliciting High Intellectual Performance

Equity-Minded Strategies for Student Success

Linda Bowen, Journalism

Student-Generated, Media-Rich Examples of Behavior Analysis in Real Life

Tara Fahmie, Psychology

The History of Ethnic Studies and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Faculty Collaboration and Building Learning Communities Beyond the Classroom

Renee Moreno, Chicano and Chicana Studies

Raquel Kennon, Africana Studies

Tom Spencer-Walters, Africana Studies

Maria Turnmeyer, Asian American Studies

Getting Students Psyched: Designing an Outline 'Orientation to the Major' Course

Debra Berry Malmberg, Psychology

Matador Momentum: Re-imagining the First Year of College

Cheryl Spector, Academic First Year Experiences

Digital Pedagogies and Storytelling to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement

Theresa White, Africana Studies



Town Hall Series

September 30, 2016: Haven't we always been focused on student success?

October 28, 2016: Who are our students and how can we leverage that information to help them succeed?

December 9, 2016: What is the CSUN student experience like and what resources are available to help students succeed?

What is the CSUN student experience like and what resources are available to help students succeed? 

December 2016 Town Hall Flyer and Program

December 2016 Question Slides

February 10, 2017: What you call it matters: The Opportunity Gaps at CSUN

March 10, 2017: How can we activate student strengths by understanding the common core standards?

October 13, 2017: How can we close opportunity gaps in our classrooms?