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Equipment Checkout


The Matador Achievement Center is working remotely through the end of the Fall 2020 semester. During this time we will continue to provide equipment for check out to current student-athletes active as of the Fall 2020 term. 

Step 1:
President Dianne Harrison has extended the Laptop Loaner Program through the campus book store. Please visit this link in order to follow the necessary steps should you need to utilize this option on campus. 

Available Items: Laptops, Hot Spots, Head Sets, and Web Cams  

Step 2:

After utilizing the campus bookstores available resources if additional technology is needed please contact

The Matador Achievement Center 

Also, one of the Matador Achievement Center's fundamental purposes is to ensure that student-athletes have access to the resources they need to be successful in their academic endeavors. The Equipment Checkout Program is one of the primary means by which the MAC fulfills this purpose. Laptops, iPads, calculators, and voice recorders are all available to be borrowed through the Equipment Checkout Program. Any student-athlete may check out the equipment for educational use, but priority is given to those who are enrolled in classes that require the technology.

Checkout Procedures

The checkout procedure for equipment is simple and quick at the Matador Achievement Center. A student-athlete only needs to come to the office at Bayramian Hall 525 and show that he or she needs the equipment for one of their classes. For example, a student might show the syllabus to their math class as evidence that they need to borrow a graphing calculator. Or the student might show a prompt for an essay that they need to write as evidence that they could benefit from the use of a laptop. Once the student has provided evidence they need the equipment, he or she will sign the checkout policy agreement, and then the equipment will be provided on the spot.

Each piece of equipment can be checked out for a different length of time. The lengths can be seen below:

  • Laptops - 2 weeks at a time
  • iPads - Entire semester (But will need to be brought in every 2 weeks to be checked)
  • Calculators - 2 weeks at a time
  • Voice Recorders - 2 weeks at a time

When the equipment is due to be returned, the student-athlete must bring the equipment back to the Matador Achievement Center (BH 525) promptly, or their checkout privileges may be revoked.