Matador Academic Challenge

Warning message

Submissions for this form are closed.

The Matador Academic Challenge form (weeks 5-11) is closed for the current semester. Please visit the Current Student Forms page for the Late Change in Academic Schedule form.

We commend you for trying the Matador Academic Challenge! We understand that 15 or more units won’t work for every student every semester, but we encourage you to accept the challenge again next semester. If you would like to reduce your academic load by one class for the current semester, please complete this form, but first be sure to read the important conditions.

Students must meet and understand the following conditions:

  • This opportunity is available to all matriculated undergraduate students in weeks 5-11 of the current semester
  • You may not drop below 12 units
  • You may not withdraw from Pre-General Education or Basic Skills math or writing classes
  • You will receive a grade of “W” on your transcript
  • The grade of “W” is used in calculating Satisfactory Academic Progress if you are a recipient of financial aid
  • Withdrawals will not be granted if the student is found, at any time, to have committed academic dishonesty in the class

Submitting this form implies acceptance of the above conditions.

The decision will be emailed to your CSUN-issued account within 5-7 business days.

Please go to Late Schedule Changes for important information if you are trying to drop more than one class, will drop below 12 units, your request includes a Pre-General Education or Basic Skills math or writing class, or you are requesting a Medical Withdrawal.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits taking 15 units each semester or 30 each year, please visit CSUN Matadors Rising.

Please contact the Undergraduate Studies Office at (818) 677-2969 or with questions.