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“Helps you understand the material and clears up any doubts you may have. Great tutor!” [Alina -- Chemistry 101]


“Khanh was very knowledgeable on the subject was was able to explain very clearly!” [Khanh – Physics 100B]


“He was amazing and I am so happy that I came. He made me feel more confident in Organic Chemistry. I will be coming back. HE’S THE BEST!” [Davit – Chemistry 333]


“Michael was an amazing tutor. He helped me understand the topic way better. [He] was very understanding and answered all my questions.” [Michael – Math 140]


“He was really helpful and patient. I really like the environment. I plan on coming back.” [Aaron – Math 140]


“The tutor was extremely helpful and patient with me. Any questions I asked her she knew how to help and assist me.” [Yangyang – Math 103]


“[He] was an amazing tutor! He was so helpful and answered all of my questions. He was very understanding and explained everything clearly.” [Davit – Chemistry 333]


“She is very helpful and will make sure you understand every process before she continues.” [Lusine – Math 105]


“Awesome tutor! She helped me understand all concepts and problems I was confused with. She was very friendly and I will definitely come back here again when I need help. 11/10 would recommend!” [Glendida – Math 140]


“The tutor was very helpful and kind. She explained the math problems in a way that I could understand. I think she is an excellent tutor.” [Diana – Math 196 QR]


“She makes the subject seem more simply than it is, making it easy for me to understand.” [Cassandra – Math 140]



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