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Learning Resource Center Feedback

“Marika was very helpful. First time coming; I’ll gladly come back to go with her” [Markia – Math 140]


“David is very clearly passionate about Organic Chemistry and was very knowledgeable about the subject. I will continue going to him throughout the semester.” [David K. – Chem 333]


“I really enjoyed my time here. Great first experience with the LRC.” [Michael – Math 140]


“Katya had a firm grasp on the material. She was also very helpful with helping me figure out how to use the calculator. She was great.” [Katya – Math 140]


“I was dreading having to come here as an assignment for my class but now I am actually super happy with the help I received and I will definitely be coming back!” [Markia – Math 140]


“I enjoyed the tutoring session very much. Amanda was so helpful and she made sure I understood everything.” [Amanda – Math 140]


“He was extremely helpful. He was really patient and helped out very much. Will come again to get tutored by him. I’m leaving understanding my work even better.” [Michael – Psy 230]


“It was my very first time here, and I was left with a great impression. Michael was extremely helpful! Will definitely be coming back for help with the different subjects offered.” [Michael – Psy 320]


“Mila is extremely helpful and is very educated on the subject. Every student that needs help with Math 140 should see Mila.” [Mila – Math 140]


“Cameron is nice, funny, warm, friendly, and relatable. Breaks down material very well.” [Cameron – Chem 334]


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