The Writing Center: Services

Below are a list of services offered. We recognize that some services may overlap; simply select the service that you feel best describes your project. 

  • 100-399 level class assignment/essay - For general help with writing-related work for any freshman- through junior-level class. For example, if you want help understanding a prompt for University 100 or a second pair of eyes to go over an essay for English 333, this is the place for you! 
  • 400-799 level class assignment/essay - For general help with writing-related work for any senior- through graduate-level class. For example, if you’d like support approaching the instructions for a CADV 470 assignment or APA assistance for ELPS 730, we can help! 
  • Creative project - Are you writing prose, a script, or working on another creative project that involves writing? Select this option to see consultants who are happy to work with you!
  • Critical theory - We have several consultants who specialize in critical theory and can help guide you on the right path for your critical theory projects.
  • Formatting - APA, MLA, Chicago, and more! Need help fixing your spacing or setting a hanging indent? This is the service for you! We don’t expect you to memorize all the rules; we will model how to look the necessary information up so that you can tackle even the trickiest formatting on your own in the future. 
  • Graduate or senior thesis/capstone/dissertation - For graduate students working on their final project for graduation. 
  • Grammar skills - For help focusing on grammar. This option may be especially helpful for English Language Learners, but we welcome everyone who is interested in improving their grammar skills!
  • Journalism writing - Meet with consultants who are specially qualified to help with your journalism writing. 
  • Lab report - Did you have to write up a report for a lab? Would you like a second pair of eyes? We’ve got you!
  • Personal statement/statement of purpose - For assistance with personal statements and statements of purpose, documents which are usually required for scholarship, internship, and graduate school applications (among others!). 
  • Reading skills - Reading academic writing can be much different (and much more difficult) than the type of reading you’re used to. We’ll help you develop the skills you need to attack dense and complicated texts!
  • Resume or cover letter - For help with application materials, such as a resume, cover letter, or curriculum vitae (CV). You can bring in a finished document for review, or we can help you get started from scratch! Tip: Bring the position announcement or job description if possible. 
  • Scholarship essay - For help with personal essays as part of a scholarship application. If you haven’t started yet, we can help you decode the instructions and plan your response. If you already have a draft, we’re happy to review it and give feedback. 
  • Speech - Public speaking may be a common phobia, but never fear—we’re here to help! Select this option for support composing, revising, and practicing for a speech in any class.




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