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Welcome to the University Writing Center.  We offer individual tutoring to students writing papers in classes in any discipline, supplemental instruction in first-year composition, workshops on various topics in reading and writing, and many ways to prepare for the UDWPE.

At the University Writing Center, we believe that successful writers--beginning or experienced--benefit from discussing their work with an engaged and supportive audience. This is why we are here to help undergraduate and graduate writers at any stage of the writing process—from brainstorming on a topic to drafting that first version to polishing and revising the final product—for any writing / compositional project. We are ready to talk about your goals, review your writing, and discuss what might come next!

The Writing Center, Online Writing Lab, and First Year Writing Tutor Lab assist student writers by offering individualized feedback on their writing, at any stage of the process, including understanding the assignment, brainstorming, forming a thesis, developing content, organizing ideas, and learning proofreading and formatting skills.  Find out more about our services below by opening the accordion for each writing program area, and by clicking on the menu at the right. 


Writing Center Consultants are Lecturer Faculty and second-year M.A. candidates / Teaching Associates in English.  All Consultants have university teaching experience.  They can work with undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any course which requires writing.

Consultants are ready to help students become better writers in the following ways:

  • They will help students think through their projects, model strategies, and share information about academic conventions.
  • They will offer strategies and support so that students can learn and practice finding and fixing their own errors.
  • They cannot review take-home essay exams or finals unless the professor has explicitly granted permission. 

If you would like help with your university-related writing, call (818) 677-2033, or come to Oviatt Library 300, to make a 30-minute appointment with a Consultant.  You can find Consultants' available hours here. 


Writing Lab Tutors are graduate and undergraduate students with strong writing skills from multiple disciplines.

If you are enrolled in "Approaches to University Writing" 113, 114, or 115 in any department, or in University 100, you are invited to make an appointment by calling (818) 677-2033, or coming in person to Oviatt 300.  Students without appointments are not guaranteed a spot, so it is better to call in advance.  Please check in with the student assistant at the desk before entering the lab area. 

  • Tutors are ready to help students become better writers by acting as advanced peer readers. They can help students think through their projects, model strategies, and share information about academic conventions.
  • They will not edit papers, but will offer strategies and support as freshman writers gain practice finding and fixing their own errors. 

You can find tutors' available hours here.


The Online Writing Lab offers individual tutoring for students writing papers in classes in any discipline with the exception of First Year Composition. The Online Writing Lab Consultants are part-time faculty at CSUN.

Before your appointment: 

Consultants will help students through the platform Zoom, which can be downloaded from the CSUN website at

To prepare for your appointment, please be aware: 

  • Appointments are drop-in, thirty minutes long, begin on the half hour, and are first come-first serve.
  • To see a tutor online, please check the schedule posted below, then select the personal link (posted below the schedule) of the tutor you'd like to work with. If you would like to be seen as soon as possible, we recommend selecting the tutor who is currently on the clock. If you'd like to see a particular tutor, please check the schedule and come back when they are scheduled. 
  • When you select the personal link of the tutor you'll be working with, you will be directed to a waiting room automatically if you are entering during their scheduled time. You will be seen in the order that you arrived. Please note that appointments are thirty minutes and begin on the half hour. For example: if you arrive at 4:10, you may have to wait until 4:30 for the next available appointment (and only if you are first in line). If you leave, you will lose your place in line. 
  • Because appointments are half an hour, we strongly recommend having your prompt and whatever work you've done open and accessible, as well as specific goals for the session. 
  • For the time being, the online lab will not be consulting on the UDWPE.

 Online Consultant's Personal Zoom room links: 

GRADUATE STUDENT ONLINE FEEDBACK (for thesis and larger projects)

The Graduate Student Online Feedback (for thesis and larger projects) offers asynchronous tutoring. You will send an excerpt or project (up to 25 pages in length) and within 72 hours, consultants will return your work with feedback. Send your excerpt to , along with your prompt, specific questions and concerns you have about your project, as well as specific goals you have for the assignment that you'd like the consultant to be aware of. The consultants are part-time lecturers at CSUN, so the focus will be on helping you develop and improve your own writing. 

Please be aware: 

  • Our feedback will not include line-editing; rather we will identify consistent errors and explain them. 
  • In order to ensure the most productive experience, please consider narrowing your desired areas for feedback.
  • In times of heavy traffic, we may take up to a week to provide feedback. 
  • Although our consultants are happy to look at an assignment at any stage, asynchronous tutoring works best on projects that are further along in their development. For help with brainstorming, conceptualizing, and projects that are not fully formed, we recommend coming in to the Writing Center and meeting with consultants in person.