Resources for Graduate Students



   Grad Students with writing projects are invited to  make a 30-minute appointment to discuss graduate projects, theses, or dissertations.  We have multiple faculty consultants with experience working with graduate students. 

You can work together on a range of writing issues.  Just bring in a question or concern like: 

My advisor says my writing is too informal.
My advisor says my sentence structure is hard to follow. 
How do I transition from this section to the next?
How do I wrap up this section?
How do I integrate my sources?
Is my literature review well-organized?

Given the 30-minute session, only relatively short sections of a long project can receive attention.  Come to the appointment focused with a plan for what you want to work on. Our services are online this semester, seven days a week from 10:00am-midnight! Access our Online Writing Lab site by clicking here: online writing lab info

Consultants are faculty in the English or Linguistics departments and have years of experience working with graduate student writers.  You can find out about their available hours here.

THESIS/ DISSERTATION WRITERS' RETREAT -- Every summer and winter -

CSUN’s Thesis/Dissertation Writing Retreat will next take place in Winter 2021 - stay tuned for the announcement!
  • Procrastinating on your Master’ s thesis or Doctoral dissertation?
  • Want to kick start your writing?
  • Need uninterrupted quiet time with a writing expert nearby?
The Learning Resource Center with the Office of Graduate Studies offers 4-day intensive writing retreats for graduate students who have a significant start on their thesis/dissertation and need something more to get in gear. 
We’ll provide the space, computers, lunch, snacks, social support and a writing expert. A limited number of graduate students will be selected by Grad Studies to participate in this writing retreat.  Interested students should apply to the Office of Graduate Studies.

ASYNCHRONOUS GRADUATE STUDENT ONLINE FEEDBACK (you send us your essay, we send you back feedback)

Asynchronous Graduate Feedback-Redesigned!

The Asynchronous Graduate Student Feedback service is for graduate-level students working on their thesis or other larger projects (up to 25 pages at a time).

Here's how it works:

  1. You email us at with a brief description of your work, and any specific questions or goals you may have. If your submission request is approved, we will invite you to upload up to 25 pages of it to our Canvas site.
  2. A consultant will read through part of your work, and give a diagnosis with recommendations on what kind of assistance your work could benefit from.
  3. We will email you with the consultant's suggestions from our menu of assistance, along with estimates for how long each suggestion will take. It is up to you to decide which suggestions you would like to continue with.
  4. Once you have gotten back to us with your decision, we will assign your work to consultants who have designated goals for your feedback.
  5. Within the time given through our estimates, your work will be marked "Complete" so that you can view all comments made by our writing consultants.

Please note:

  • If you email us on a Friday afternoon or during a weekend, you may not hear back from us until the following business day (most likely a Monday).
  • In order to ensure the most productive experience, please check your email frequently and respond to us in a timely manner.
  • In times of heavy traffic, we may take up to a week to provide feedback.
  • Although our consultants are happy to look at an assignment at any stage, asynchronous tutoring works best on projects that are further along in their development. For help with brainstorming, conceptualizing, and projects that are not fully formed, we recommend coming in to the Writing Center and meeting with consultants in person. 
  • The consultant will not make any changes to your paper, but instead will make suggestions on how you can improve your work.
  • Possible reasons why your request for feedback would not be approved: 
    • you are an undergraduate student
    • you are requesting feedback on a personal statement or application
    • you are not following our rules and policies outlined above

If you have any questions, please  send us an email at

We look forward to working with you!


  • CSUN Graduate Studies Thesis/Dissertation and Graduate Project Information

This page from our University shows deadlines and offers links to pdf’s on formatting guidelines for theses/dissertations/projects.  It also links you to necessary guidelines for research on human/animal subjects.