General Education

The vision of General Education (GE) at Cal State Northridge is designed to ensure that all CSUN students have a broad background in disciplines at the university level in order to appreciate the breadth of human knowledge and the responsibilities of concerned and engaged citizens of the world.

It is hoped that students become lifelong learners and leave the University with a set of skills that include the ability to read critically, to write and communicate orally with clarity and persuasiveness, to evaluate and draw appropriate inferences from limited information and to access the wealth of technical, scientific and cultural information that is increasingly available in the global community.

It is through the GE Program, that CSUN ensures that all students gain a sincere appreciation of how the diverse cultures housed in the United States, and specifically Southern California, lead to creative thinking and expression during a time in human history when cultural diversity provides different perspectives and insights from which to view human endeavors.

GE has seven sections consisting of lower division courses (numbered lower than 300) and upper division courses (numbered 300 and higher) in basic subjects, natural sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, lifelong learning, comparative cultural studies, and American history and government. Students are required to complete a minimum of nine of their GE program units at the upper division level no sooner than the semester in which junior status is achieved. Students are encouraged to choose courses in the GE program that interest them as they provide an opportunity to sample different academic areas and may help a student find or solidify their major field of study.