GE Pathways

GE Paths Student Association

The GE Paths Student Association serves to unite all students who are part of the GE Paths program. This association allows students with similar interests to gather together in order to discuss Path-related topics and events. By becoming part of this organization, students can join a community of peers who share a similar academic background. Students who are part of this association also create connections not only with their peers, but also with faculty who are part of the GE Paths program. If you have any questions regarding the GE Paths Student Association or are interested in becoming part of this group, please contact Ariel Stone at

Student Ambassadors: The ambassadors committee is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between GE Paths and the larger campus community. You can help us spread the word about this amazing program, recruit new students, and act as mentors for incoming freshmen. In the process you will not only get priority access to all the events organized by GE Paths but you will also make new friends and connect with faculty who are active members of the GE paths community. If you are interested in learning more about the ambassadors program or if you would like to become one, please contact Ariel Stone at or Professor Patricia Juarez-Dappe at