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Call for Participation in GE Paths

Several years ago, CSUN rolled out a new GE curriculum designed to engage students with the core questions underlying the challenges of the 21st century through cross disciplinary inquiry, analysis and application. The GE Path Initiative builds on this promising new beginning by highlighting clusters of related courses, thereby providing coherent ways of traversing the rich thicket of courses that constitute the GE curriculum.

Faculty currently teaching General Education courses are invited to submit their existing courses for inclusion in any of the six GE Paths: Aesthetics and Culture; Arts, Media, and Society; Health and Wellness; Global Studies; Principles of Sustainability; and Social Justice. Courses must contain content that is related to the appropriate path and should meet at least two of the student learning outcomes that have been identified for each path. Faculty who participate will receive a stipend and are expected to become actively involved in the program.

Proposals should be submitted on the course proposal form posted on the GE Paths web site and a course syllabus should be appended to each completed form.  Please email your proposal and any questions to

Course Proposal Form Downloads

Arts, Media, and Culture (AMC) (.doc)

Scientific Reasoning (SR) (.doc)

Global Studies (GS) (.doc)

Health and Wellness (HW) (.doc)

Principles of Sustainability (PS) (.doc)

Social Justice (SJ) (.doc)