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Principles of Sustainability New Professional Development


Principles of Sustainability path students and faculty learn and work at the CSUN Food and Compost garden contributing to make CSUN campus and the city of LA sustainable and Zero waste.  Students gain valuable experiences for the job market participating in service learning experiences, volunteer work, class projects, outdoor lectures and tours of the garden-compost.  

Contact Dr. Giraldo or any of your sustainability path professors to get involved.



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  COMS 323 Students Partner with Non-Profit Organizations

Professor Jessica Baty McMillan – Principles of Sustainability – COMS 323 (Group Communication)

Last spring, the students in Professor McMillan’s COMS 323 class partnered with Heal the Bay and Food Forward, two non-profit organizations committed to addressing environmental concerns. The students worked in groups to create video projects that emphasized issues ranging from ocean pollution to food justice.  In creating these projects, students focused on community empowerment, youth education, and advocacy. Senator Robert M. Hertzberg recognized these students for their sustainability work in the San Fernando Valley and sent a representative to present them with service awards.

Check out some of the projects:

Storm Drain Project
Food Forward
Team Take Out!

Students with Eveline Bravo-Ayala (Senator Hertzberg's representative)