GE Pathways


Program Benefits

Besides gaining the skills that all students acquire during their GE coursework, through the path you will examine one theme in more depth and from many different perspectives. Furthermore, you will work very closely with faculty specialized in the theme and other students with shared interests. After you complete 18 units in your chosen path, you will be awarded a GE Paths Certificate, issued by Undergraduate Studies. You do not have to take any additional General Education course to get the certificate, only the courses associated with your chosen path. Please feel free to email the Faculty Program Director for more information.

How it Works

Paths are special themes that engage with 21st century issues in an interdisciplinary manner. You choose one of the different paths offered in the program based on your personal and intellectual interests. Once you have chosen your path, you must take four lower division GE courses (12 units) and two upper division GE courses (6 units) that are associated with the path. Since these are all GE courses, you will complete the requirements for the path while fulfilling your overall GE requirements without taking any additional units.

You select one Path and take 18 units (six or seven GE courses). Although you are encouraged to remain within one path, you can sample across the different paths. You can opt in and out, there is no obligation to continue or finish the path. The program is open to all students regardless of GPA. For the complete list of course offerings please check the students page.