General Education Honors Program

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

The GE Honors Program hosts an interdisciplinary lecture series every semester. A series comprises of multiple lectures on a chosen theme in which there is a new speaker at each lecture. Past lecture series topics include the Black Lives Matter movement, Police Brutality, and Climate Change. 

One of the cornerstones of the GEH Program is the Interdisciplinary Lecture Series. The series is themed and centers on the critical issues of our time (e.g., climate change, Black Lives Matter, technology in the 21st century). Invited faculty from CSUN and other universities deliver hour-long lectures on their own research. Through these lectures, students learn about important topics and gain awareness of how these topics are studied across and between disciplines.

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September 8th, 4 PM:

Professor Edward Kung

California State University Northridge

Economics Department

September 20th, 4 PM:

Professor Mauro Carassai

California State University Northridge

Department of English

October 18th, 3 PM:

Professor Sheri Madigan

University of Calgary

Department of Psychology

November 5th, 2 PM:

Mr. Joseph Blass


Computer Science and Law

November 17th, 2 PM:

Professor Adam Waytz

Northwestern University

Kellogg School of Management



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