General Education Honors Program

GE Honors Club

GE Honors Club flyer

The GE Honors Club is a student-run organization that provides opportunities for GE Honors students to work together on academic and social events. The GEHC also aims to raise the profile of the GE Honors program among CSUN students.

The GEHC's current goals include:

- helping GE Honors students bond outside of classes;
- helping GEHC's students be more aware of opportunities and resources on and off-campus;
- hosting professional guest speakers on topics including applying for scholarships; creating resumes; studying abroad; improving time management skills; and dealing with stress.

The GEHC's future goals include:

- encouraging student research;
- sending GEHC students to regional and national conferences;
- hosting local, regional, and national academic and social events;
- providing tutoring services for students who are taking GE Honors classes;
- offering distinguished GEHC students scholarships.

For more information, contact the GEHC at