General Education Honors Program

Current Course Schedule

FALL 2020 Schedule

CourseTitleTimeClass #GE Section
POLS 155HONAmerican Political InstitutionsTuesThurs 12:30PM-1:45PM12897Title V
MATH 131HONMath IdeasTuesThurs 9:30AM-10:45AM18706 
UNIV 100HONFreshman SeminarMonWed 12:30PM-1:45PM20331 
UNIV 100HONFreshman SeminarTuesThurs 11:00AM-12:15PM20366 
COMS 151HONFundamentals of Public SpeakingMonWed 9:30AM-10:20AM11702 
COMS 151HLFundamentals of Public Speaking LabMonWed 10:20AM-10:45AM11704 
COMS 151HONFundamentals of Public SpeakingTuesThurs 8:00AM-8:50AM11703 
COMS 151HLFundamentals of Public Speaking LabTuesThurs 8:50AM-9:15PM11705 
ENGL 115HONUniversity WritingTuesThurs 2:00PM-3:15PM14704 
ENGL 115HONUniversity WritingMonWed 9:30AM-10:45AM14734 
ENGL 115HONUniversity WritingMonWed 11:00AM-12:15PM15168 
AAS 100HONIntro to Asian American StudiesTuesThurs 2:00PM-3:15PM20988 
HIST 370American History, Institutions & IdealsTuesThurs 12:30PM-1:45PM12827 

SPRING 2021 Schedule

CourseTitleTimeClass #GE Section
HIST 370 HONQuestions in American History to the Civil WarTueThu 12:30PM-1:45 PM12891D2 American History, Institutions and Ideals (IC)
AAS 100 HONIntroduction to Asian American StudiesWed 4:30PM-6:00 PM F Comparative Cultural Studies
POLS 155 HONAmerican Political InstitutionsTBD D3/D4 Constitution of the United States/State Local Government
GEH 333 - 2 Sections TuThu 2:00-3:15 PM  
PHIL 200 HONCritical ReasoningTBD A3 Critical Thinking
ENGL 315 HONPopular CultureMoWe 2:00 PM15414E Lifelong Learning (IC)