Fall 2017 – First-Time Freshman Advising Checklist

Fall 2017 First-Time Freshman Advising Checklist

Download and print the Fall 2017 First-Time Freshman Advising Checklist (.pdf).

This checklist will help you get started on your academic career at Cal State Northridge. Planning for your freshman year is an exciting time! Freshman advisement and registration activities for Fall 2017 begin on April 11, 2017.

Your CSUN academic journey might begin this summer! Early Start is an academic experience, mandated by the California State University (CSU) system, for incoming first-time freshmen who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level math and/or writing. Early Start participants will begin and potentially satisfy developmental course work during the summer before starting their first semester in the CSU. You are advised to immediately visit the CSUN Early Start page to find out if this requirement applies to you.

Unless you are college-ready in both math and writing, or qualify for an exemption as listed on the CSUN Early Start Program page, you must successfully complete Early Start Math and/or Early Start Writing this summer with grades of RP or CR in order to remain eligible to attend CSUN this fall. Students who do not comply with Early Start will forfeit admission, be withdrawn from fall 2017 classes and will need to reapply to CSUN in the future as either a first-time freshman or upper division transfer.

If required, you are strongly advised to enroll in Early Start course work before you schedule your Fall 2017 first-time freshman advisement and enrollment appointment.

Important! Complete the steps below, paying careful attention to deadlines, in order to begin classes at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) for the Fall 2017 semester:

  1. Confirm your Intent to Register no later than May 1, 2017. Log into "myNorthridge" from the CSUN homepage at Locate My Checklist and click the Intent to Register link to accept or decline your offer of admission. For help, see Freshmen and Transfer Students – Intent to Register. (If admitted after April 16, file intent within 14 days of your admission date.)
  2. Satisfy the English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) requirements. You should have already taken EPT and ELM unless you are fully or conditionally exempt because of your SAT, ACT, AP or EAP scores. Taking the ELM/EPT is strongly recommended for conditionally exempt students. EPT/ELM scores or exemptions must be received by CSUN in order for you to schedule an appointment for Fall 2017 academic advising and course registration. NOTE: If you are required to take the EPT/ELM, you must take the exam(s) on or before May 6, 2017. Due to high demand and limited seating, you should sign up much earlier than the May deadline. To see if we received your EPT/ELM scores or exemptions, log into myNorthridge, locate My Checklist and review your complete and incomplete tasks.

You may take EPT/ELM at CSUN or a CSU campus near you. If you are outside California, you will need to arrange to take the EPT/ELM test in your location. For details, visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website and select "Out-of-State Testing." Please note that there is an out-of-state testing fee in addition to the fee for each test. To view test dates, register online and learn about exemptions, visit the CSUN Testing Center.

  1. Send your preliminary high school transcript showing completion of your first semester senior year to Admissions and Records as soon as your final grades have been posted.
  2. Find out if you need additional department exams. The Math Placement Test (MPT) is required to demonstrate you are fully prepared to enroll in Math 102, 103, 104, 105, 150A or 255A. A passing score on the ELM demonstrates conditional preparation for Math 102 and 103 with the mandatory co-requisite of Math 102L or 103L.  The Chemistry Placement Test (CPT) is required to enroll in Chemistry 101/101L. However, students cannot take MPT or CPT until they pass the ELM or are exempt. For more information, see On-Campus Exams.
  3. Activate your CSUN Account. Set up your CSUN account and email as explained in the "Activate Your CSUN Account" email from Admissions and Records sent to the email address you provided on your admission application. You will be directed to a webpage to authenticate your identification. Then, you will be able to set your password. (Please note that if you applied to CSUN on or before January 20, 2017, you were sent an "Activate Your CSUN User ID and Password" letter.) For login help, visit the Information Technology Help Center.

Your CSUN issued Gmail account is the official means of University communication. Use your CSUN email account when contacting CSUN faculty and staff. Be sure to check your CSUN email account regularly for important deadlines and information! Learn more at Student E-mail.

  1. Complete the Title IX - Not Anymore training. Its purpose is to promote a culture of respect, raise awareness and prevent sexual misconduct. You will meet this requirement by completing an online, video-based educational training program. You may not register for Fall 2017 classes until you complete the online training so please follow these steps as soon as possible:
  • Log into myNorthridge with your CSUN user ID and password.
  • Look for the Title 9 (T9) registration hold in My Checklist under the Incomplete Tasks section.
  • Select the Not Anymore link in the Student Records paragraph to complete the training and remove the registration hold.

If, due to personal circumstances, you would like to discuss alternative options for meeting the training requirement, please contact CSUN's Campus Care Advocate and confidential resource at (818) 677-7492.

  1. Make an appointment for freshman advisement and registration. Advising sessions begin as early as April 11, 2017. Freshmen must see an advisor in order to register for classes. If you have received your EPT/ELM scores or your exemption and you completed Title IX training, you may contact the Student Services Center/EOP in the College of your major to schedule an advising appointment beginning March 28, 2017. If your major is Exploratory (formerly Undecided), schedule an appointment with the Advising Resource Center/EOP. Bring copies of any Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores and/or unofficial community college transcripts to your advising appointment. Your advisor needs to know if you have additional college credits that may transfer to CSUN that may satisfy degree requirements. 

Before your appointment, you may want to prepare a tentative class schedule (see #10) to review with your advisor. However, remember that the schedule you create is just for practice. You should make a list of questions about your major, General Education, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Housing, etc., to ask during your appointment. Bring your CSUN user ID and password so that you can log into myNorthridge and the SOLAR Student Center with your advisor.

  1. Allow two to three hours for your appointment. Purchase a one-day parking permit for $8.00 from a parking permit dispenser or one of the Information Booths, or take the bus to campus. View our helpful Student Transportation Guide for more information. Arrive on campus early to locate your advisor's office. Download a campus map, including driving directions, or download the CSUN Mobile App to help you find your destination.
  2. Review the online University Catalog prior to your advising session. The Catalog describes every major, all courses CSUN offers, and provides vital information about academic policies and University rules.
  3. Browse the Schedule of Classes and use Registration Planner. Registration Planner is a tool that generates all possible schedule combinations for the classes you want. Select and print a few favorite schedules before your advising session to share with your advisor. Learn about Class Search, Registration Planner, myNorthridge and the SOLAR Student Center with the How To Guides. For registration calendars and more, see the Registration Calendar.
  4. Pay your tuition and other fees on time. Payment is due when you register for classes, but no later than the deadlines published in the Fee Payment Schedule. Due dates vary by registration date. If you do not pay on time, you will be disenrolled from courses. Get details on tuition and other fees, installment plans and more at University Cash Services. If you are a financial aid recipient, see the anticipated aid tutorial.

NOTE: It is the sole responsibility of the student to withdraw from classes. Failure to follow formal withdrawal procedures may result in an obligation to pay fees, the assignment of failing grades, and the need to reapply for admission to the university.

  1. Send Admissions and Records your final, official high school transcript showing completion of your final semester and verifying your graduation date as soon as your senior year ends, but no later than August 11, 2017. If you have completed college-level course work at a California community college during high school or the summer immediately after graduation, find out if you can send electronic transcripts through eTranscript California.
  2. Be sure to meet the CSU immunization requirement for measles, rubella and hepatitis B. If you attended a California public middle or high school, you have probably met the requirements. If not, complete the measles and rubella immunization requirement as soon as possible, but no later than these semesters:
  • During your first semester of classes for the measles and rubella immunization requirement, and
  • During your second semester for the hepatitis B requirement

For more information, including the consequences of non-compliance and other immunization considerations, see the Klotz Student Health Center website Immunization Requirements.

  1. Check the status of your application for missing documents or test scores. Log into myNorthridgeat Locate My Checklist, review your Incomplete Tasks, and complete those items as soon as possible. For help, see My Admissions Checklist.
  2. Sign up for mandatory New Student Orientation, held before the start of classes. This all-day program will introduce you to the University, provide useful information, and enable you to meet other members of the freshman class. To register, call (818) 677-4100 or go to
  3. Fall 2017 classes begin Monday, August 28, 2017. Saturday-only and Friday-Saturday classes begin August 26. Sunday only classes begin on August 27.
  4. Plan on attending Freshman Convocation scheduled for Thursday, September 14, 2017. This is CSUN's official welcome and introduction to the excitement of learning.

Best wishes for your first semester at CSUN!