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Which describes me best?

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Which describes me best?

To begin meeting the challenges of teaching through disruptions, you might want to consider your current experience level in teaching with technology. Reflecting on your comfort level first may help you be better equipped to make the decisions you will be faced with as you create your plan of action. 

 I have not used instructional technology like Canvas or Zoom

Don't worry; maybe the best option for you is to just immediately rely on email. You can certainly look into learning Canvas and Zoom, but you shouldn't feel obligated to learn everything you need to know during a disruption. If you need a quick solution, keep it real simple. Remember that you can contact your students through the Solar Roster or the automatically generated Class Email List and provide them with written instructions about how you will modify the class by adding reading assignments and accepting assignments by email. You can also learn how to use Zoom, the campus video conferencing tool and hold class meetings live online with your students with only minimal modifications to your class plans. 

 I have some experience with instructional technology but I rely on doing many things in class

Go with your strengths and use the tools the way you have been. Use Zoom for class meetings to replace the in-person meetings and continue using Canvas. If you collect assignments in person, you can receive them by email or, if you can, learn how to use the Assignment Tool in Canvas. If you have in-person activities like exams and you have not created an online quiz before, you can weigh the options of modifying the assessment method to something that does not require students to be present with you. Or you can learn how to do Online Quizzing on Canvas (remember you may need to modify your questions to be geared more towards a take-home test that is open book).

 I’ve taught hybrid or online courses but I have face-to-face courses where I do things in class

Your online teaching skills will be helpful for you as you decide how to convert face-to-face activities into online ones. You can create video lectures for your students, but there is still no reason not to use Zoom for class meetings, especially if your course is designed for live interaction. Designing an online class as you are teaching is a lot of work - consider ways you can minimize your efforts. And if you have the bandwidth, find ways to help your colleagues who have less experience.

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