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  • Transforming STEM Teaching

Transforming STEM Teaching

Would you like your students to be more engaged in your STEM courses? Faculty Development invites you to join a group of STEM faculty to explore strategies to enrich your courses and promote student engagement to improve learning. This semester-long learning community supports supports faculty (tenure-track and lecturers), especially those teaching large lectures to enhance student learning gains. 


Spring 2022
Wednesdays 9am - 11:50am
ZOOM synchronous


Applications for the Spring 2022 program is now closed.



Funding of $750 will be available to faculty who complete the program activities, which includes attendance and active engagement at weekly meeting and participation in activities, including discussion posts.


“The Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Community (FLC) Program is developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, in collaboration with their Center for Teaching and Learning. It is designed for faculty to: deepen their understanding of how people learn, develop active learning strategies to support student learning in STEM lecture courses, and reflect on their teaching practices. 

Changing instructional practice requires faculty to rethink their role in teaching, and thus redefine how lecture courses are designed and taught. Inclusion of STEM faculty from community colleges and universities allows faculty from these institutions to learn together, and hence support efforts to streamline transfer pathways from 2-year colleges and 4-year universities.”

Goals & Objectives

The big picture “dream” of this Transforming College Teaching Faculty Learning Program is to improve student achievement in STEM undergraduate courses through statewide transformation of college level teaching.

Four goals are rooted in this program: (1) to build STEM education expertise of STEM faculty through delving into literature on learning and teaching; (2) to support STEM faculty in developing their teaching practice to support student learning in their lecture courses; (3) to engage STEM faculty in habits of reflection on their teaching practice, through peer and self-observations; and (4) to nurture a tradition of continued learning about teaching practice among participants, and build a faculty learning community. By the end of this program, faculty should be able to:

1)    Implement active learning teaching practices effectively that generates student engagement and achievement.

2)    Cultivate a capacity to sustain and share new and improved STEM instructional practices within your local department, college, and college/university.

3)    Describe the value of developing a collegial and complementary community between STEM faculty who can share instructional best practices.


Casey terHorst (Biology)
Jeanne Robertson (Biology)

Current and Past Participants

Arts, Media, and Communication

  • Art: Peri Klemm, Meiqin Wang

Engineering and Computer Science

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: John Valdovinos
  • Mechanical Engineering: Shadi Mahjoob

Science and Math

  • Biology: Mariano Loza Coll, Sean Murray, Melissa Takahashi
  • Mathematics: Richard Fine, Otilia Gonzales

Where is Faculty Development located?

Valera Hall 215 (formerly University Hall)
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8473


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