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Teaching Metacognition

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picture of Dr. Saundra McGuire giving a lecture 

In December 2016 Faculty Development invited Dr. Saundra McGuire to CSUN to speak with faculty, staff, and administrators about how we can implement metacognitive and growth mindset oriented changes in our work so that students may be successful. 

The ability to think about one’s thinking is known as metacognition.  For a learner, this means having awareness about one's own thought processes and having the power to recognize whether one is understanding the material or just memorizing it.  Some students began practicing metacognitive skills in high school, some students began practicing in University 100, and some have arrived in college never having learned how to learn. However, for all students it is important to adopt a growth mindset and realize that metacognitive skills can be developed over time with practice. 

  Want to Try this Teaching Intervention in Your Class?

Template: Saundra McGuire's intervention templates (including a video of her doing the intervention) to use & adapt for your courses.  

CSUN Examples:

Metacognition power point slides  Acing your courses power point slides


  Resources for Faculty

Dr. Saundra McGuire's book empowers faculty to try small concrete strategies 

book review of a faculty member that has tried her intervention- by Improve Metacognition

  Study Tips to Share with Students