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Syllabus ideas and policies

Discover new ideas for crafting a great syllabus and learn about CSUN Faculty Senate's policies related to the course syllabus.

CSUN Syllabus Requirements

The formal CSUN Syllabus Policy was approved by Faculty Senate on March 5, 2015. There are 13 basic requirements that all CSUN syllabi must include such as:

  • contact info,
  • course description,
  • objectives/outcomes,
  • main topics,
  • evaluation methods (e.g., grading criteria, plus/minus system),
  • due dates,
  • revision date if modified,
  • GE or IC outcomes (if applicable),
  • available first class meeting,
  • AND students can print from a single document. 

Learning-Centered Syllabus

Imagine if your syllabus could be a tool to empower, motivate, and invite students into the learning process about your course instead of a document doling out all the work to be done, professor's rules to follow, and punishments for those who can't keep up. 

The five parts of a learning centered syllabus includes: 

  1. The learning goals & objectives are measurable & assures significant learning
  2. The assessments/assignment activities are transparent & aligned to course objectives
  3. There is an inclusive & promising learning environment that is inviting, supportive with high expectations & acceptance of difference (more ideas for inclusive teaching)
  4. There are dynamic activities using evidence based & active learning 
  5. The schedule is motivational & logical

Include these Optional Campus Resources

CSUN offers an array of student resources but unfortunately many students are unaware they exist, unclear how or where to find them, or may feel apprehensive to seek out help. But if you include these in your syllabus, you could make a huge difference!


Did you know, the Office of Student Success Innovations recently held student focus groups and they learned that students wish professors would share more campus resources in the syllabus.

Other syllabus best practices

Trans-Inclusive Resources -- Want resources on how to make your syllabus and classroom environment trans-Inclusive, visit CSUN's Pride Center website and scroll down to Transgender Ally Resources for tips and recommendations.

Sexual Misconduct Disclosures -- Sample syllabus statements regarding sexual misconduct disclosures and maintaining a respectful learning environment.

Syllabus Components -- Academic First Year Experiences hosts a guide to best practices for the syllabus, including how to address office hours and class participation.

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