Faculty Development

Probationary Faculty Support Program

Request for Proposals Deadline

Applications will need to be submitted for this grant by Monday, March 2, 2020 at 4:00 pm to the Office of Faculty Development in University Hall 215.

Grant Information  

What is the Probationary Faculty Support Program?

The Probationary Faculty Support Program is supported by the Division of Academic Affairs and administered by the Office of Faculty Development.  It provides funding for 3 units of reassigned time for either Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 to assist probationary, tenure-track faculty in meeting the qualifications for retention, tenure, or promotion.  While tenure-track faculty members in their third through fifth years and those who have not previously received awards under this program will be given priority, all probationary, tenure-track faculty can apply.  A total of 13-15 awards are available, depending on funding.  If you have any questions, you may contact Ashley Samson at

What types of projects are supported?

The proposed project must meet one of the following objectives:

  • to complete research the applicant has already initiated; or
  • to initiate research and publication projects, including pedagogical research. 
  • Use of reassign time to develop pilot data and a proposal for a larger extramural grant is also eligible for support through this program.

Who is eligible to apply?

Probationary, tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply.  While tenure-track faculty members in their third through fifth years and those who have not previously received awards under this program will be given priority, all probationary, tenure-track faculty can apply.

What is the review process?

The Probationary Faculty Support Program Selection Committee, consisting of CSUN faculty from each of the eight colleges and the Oviatt Library, recommends projects for funding to the Directors of Faculty Development.

What are the evaluation criteria?

a. Significance and broader implications: 
i. Does the proposal provide evidence that the project will make a significant contribution to the faculty member’s success (i.e. does the faculty clearly demonstrate how this project with contribute to their RTP)?
ii. Does the proposal provide evidence that the project will contribute to the applicant’s field of study and/or the field of pedagogy?
iii. Does the proposal provide evidence on how this pro Hintject can benefit CSUN students’ learning (directly or indirectly)?
b. Prospects for success: 
i. Are sufficient resources available to the applicant to effectively conduct the project? 
ii. Is the methodology appropriate to achieve the expected outcome(s)? 
iii. Is the timeline realistic? 
iv. Does the project contain adequate dissemination plans?   
v. Does the applicant’s submitted CV provide evidence of the applicant’s ability to conduct the project? 
vi. If the applicant has received previous support from the Probationary Faculty Support Program, did s/he utilize the award effectively?  Did s/he complete the requisite report(s)? 
c. Presentation: 
i. Is the problem clearly presented (e.g., strong rationale, significance of the problem)? Hint: strong proposals are easily understood by your colleagues outside your department/college/discipline.
ii. Are the project’s outcomes clearly identified?
iii. Are the format requirements met? 
iv. Is the application cover sheet complete, including requisite signatures?

What is required of me if I receive a Probationary Faculty Support Program award?

Recipients of the Probationary Faculty Support Program award are required to choose and fulfill one the following dissemination options by January 19, 2021 for Fall 2020 awards or by June 19, 2021 for Spring 2021 awards. 

1. A final written report (not to exceed 3 pages), to include:

i. Project title 
ii. Project objective(s) 
iii. Project description 
iv. Project results

2. A one-page poster (pdf) that describes the results of your project, similar to what you would present at your own disciplinary conferences. This will be uploaded onto the Faculty Development website and shared via a virtual poster session.    

3. A copy of your submitted conference abstract or manuscript related to the project. (conference abstracts can be for a poster session or an oral presentation) 

4. Work with Faculty Development to lead a workshop/program as a result of your success of receiving this grant. This must be done the subsequent semester after receiving the grant. In addition to disseminating your findings you could discuss topics and tips such as: project management; effective strategies to mentoring undergraduate research assistants; writing productivity; navigating IRB; etc. Contact Ashley Samson for this option.

What is the timeline?

March 2, 2020      

  • One original hard copy of application materials due to Faculty Development by 4 p.m.                                (University Hall 215/Mail Code:  8203)

Early-April 2020  

  • Awards announced

Fall 2020 OR Spring 2021        

  • Reassigned time used to carry out proposed project

January 19, 2021  

  • Final written report and poster due to Faculty Development (facdev@csun.edu) for Fall 2020 awards

June 19, 2021      

  • Final written report and poster due to Faculty Development (facdev@csun.edu) for Spring 2021 awards

More Information

What about support programming?

Faculty development has several offerings aimed toward faculty grant winners on topics relevant to your work, including writing productivity, grant-writing workshops (for both CSUN and external grants), faculty writing communities, and one-on-one consulting on projects. While not “required” to attend, grant winners are encouraged to take advantage of the resources we have and will be given “first option” when we are signing up participants.

Samples of successful proposals