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Congratulations on your position!

The Office of Faculty Development is here to help you navigate this important career transition. Our vision is that newly hired faculty who engage with our first program will embrace the first day on the job with: (1) critical information needed for the position (with an emphasis on the first few months); (2) a sense of connection to the campus community; (3) increased confidence to begin the first weeks as a faculty member at CSUN.

We appreciate that getting oriented to your new job doesn't happen in a single day or event. So we have created an array of ongoing programming to serve the needs of newly hired faculty (tenure-track and lecturers) within their first year and beyond at CSUN.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you along in this exciting moment! 


The New Faculty Foundations Program

There are four primary activities that comprise our New Faculty Foundations programming.

  • The first is our formal orientation event that takes place in August before the Fall semester begins and is called New Faculty Foundations.
  • Second, half-way through the year during January, we host New Faculty Foundations Part 2 to supplement resources as a midpoint and create space for new faculty to meet each other.
  • Third, to complement the face-to-face events, we created an online resource that compiles the offices and key information across campus relevant to your new position. Visit the New Faculty Toolkit page to learn about the story of this resource for new faculty.
  • Finally, we offer many opportunities for newer faculty to be in community with fellow colleagues navigating similar experiences, such as a Faculty Learning Community in the spring.

New Faculty Toolkit

It takes more than coming to an orientation day to get situated in your new job and new faculty community. This toolkit for new faculty provides critical and relevant resources related to moving to the area, being an employee at CSUN and how to kick start your teaching, scholarship and service at CSUN effectively.

Upcoming New Faculty Orientation (Aug 25-26)

Join us for the New Faculty Foundation’s virtual event on Aug 25 and 26, 2021. Our office is prepared to offer an engaging experience that will both meet the needs of new faculty and be flexible during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Join The Community

We are here to help you successfully navigate your first years as a CSUN faculty member; it's easier to accomplish with friends. We intentionally create space for you to build relationships with your colleagues, learn critical information and engage in needed workshops to optimize your success. Check out our ongoing live sessions with fellow newer faculty.

Where is Faculty Development located?

Valera Hall 215 (formerly University Hall)
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8473


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Who are the people in Faculty Development?

FacDev Base Team
New Faculty Foundations Committee
Probationary Faculty Grant Review Committee
Learning Center Grant Review Committee
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