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Mission Statement

Faculty Development's mission is to provide relevant and thought-provoking programming to support all faculty in their teaching, scholarship, service, and leadership journeys. Our programming and partnerships are informed by equity-mindedness, technology-enriched best practices, and data-informed inquiry. We seek a supportive culture of shared power that engages with the well-being and success of both faculty and students 

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FacDev Base Team

The core team is comprised of our Director, Associate Director, Special Projects Director, Instructional Designers, and Administrative Analyst/Specialist.

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Probationary Faculty Grant Review Committee

The members of the Probationary Faculty Grant Review Committee are composed of one representative from each college and serve for a 2-year term. Each year, the members work to review the 30-50+ applications through an anonymous process in order to choose the 13-15 winners (numbers fluctuate each year depending on funding).

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Learning Center Grant Review Committee

The TUC Learning-Centered Instructional Projects Grant Review Committee is comprised of one representative from each college and members serve for a 2-year term. Each year, the members review the applications for the TUC grant through a blinded process and select the winners for the upcoming year.

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Active Learning Ambassadors

An interdisciplinary team of faculty who are passionate about promoting active learning techniques in the classroom. They meet monthly and host workshops, open to the campus community to attend.

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eLearning Ambassadors

Graduates of our eLearning programming who are enthusiastically interested in sharing their knowledge and experience merging pedagogy and technology within their departments/colleges as well as in our eLearning programs.

Where is Faculty Development located?

Valera Hall 215 (formerly University Hall)
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8473


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Who are the people in Faculty Development?

FacDev Base Team
New Faculty Foundations Committee
Probationary Faculty Grant Review Committee
Learning Center Grant Review Committee
Active Learning Ambassadors
eLearning Ambassadors