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Message to CSUN Faculty

Remote teaching is back for the start of Spring 2022 reminding us that we are still in a pandemic. Whether your reaction to this news was surprise, relief or something else, a range of emotions is expected. And while this might feel like a sequel to our first remote teaching pivot two years ago, we do have a unique advantage because we have been through this before. So know this.

Your FacDev colleagues are still here and empathic to the reality that switching gears again is difficult. And you can count on us to support you and we’re always rooting for you. Our passion is serving you, CSUN faculty, so as you navigate this disruption, know that we care about you. If you need a familiar face on Zoom, email or even phone, we’re here. Our Teaching Through Disruption webpage is relevant for moments like this or anytime there’s a surprise and change in our original teaching plan. We hope this resource, among others, is useful.


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FacDev Newsletter

We know you are busy and need the basics quickly, so we highlight “Three Things to Know” in our newsletter.

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New Faculty Foundations

Newly hired faculty can discover the rich resources and orientation events designed to facilitate smooth transitions.

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Teaching Toolkit

The Teaching Toolkit is our featured resource full of teaching strategies that are practical, evidence-based and geared towards CSUN faculty.

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Ready to enroll in one of our programs? See the full list of what’s available and how to sign up.

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We often get asked about funded opportunities at CSUN. Visit this page to learn what’s available.

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Faculty Development has a range of resources to support you in your teaching, scholarship, service, and leadership journeys.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou

Our Mission

Faculty Development's mission is to provide relevant and thought-provoking programming to support all faculty in their teaching, scholarship, service, and leadership journeys. Our programming and partnerships are informed by equity-mindedness, technology-enriched best practices, and data-informed inquiry. We seek a supportive culture of shared power that engages with the well-being and success of both faculty and students.

Where is Faculty Development located?

Valera Hall 215 (formerly University Hall)
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8473


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Who are the people in Faculty Development?

FacDev Base Team
New Faculty Foundations Committee
Probationary Faculty Grant Review Committee
Learning Center Grant Review Committee
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