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Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning

CSUN is offering ACUE’s newest program called "Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning." This is a microcredential course through funding from CSU Chancellor’s Office to complement our efforts to equip instructors with proven strategies to create a more equitable and just learning environment. If you have been in spaces recently with questions such as how do we close race/equity gaps or where can I get more involved, this program may be right for you. 

Program Details

When is it?

This program is now full. Please fill out our Interest List to be notified of future ACUE program opportunities. 

The ACUE summer course will virtually launch the week of June 6 and those accepted into the program will need to protect roughly 3 hours of time per week from June 13 until July 17. The program is offered online, and is paced with one module to be completed each week and faculty learners have the flexibility to complete each module at days and times that fit their schedules.  

Who should enroll?

Faculty who are teaching a focus course identified by their College to complement CSUN’s Graduation Initiative efforts are encouraged to apply and will be given priority. Each College recently shared their target courses with the Office of Student Success and are listed here:

  • ART 112, MUS 107
  • HIST 271, SOC 150, AFRS 113a, URBS 150
  • COMP 110/L, ECE 240
  • MATH 102/L, CHEM 100, MATH 141, MATH 103
  • CADV 150, KIN 200
  • WRIT 115 (AAS, CATS, CHS, ENG and QS)
  • ECON 160, SOM 120
  • UNIV 100

Please contact if you have eligibility questions. 

Is there funding?

Funding of $200 will be available to faculty who complete the program.

What are the program goals?

As educators, we can work to develop a deeper understanding of implicit bias, microaggressions, stereotype threat and imposter phenomenon in an effort to continuously improve our ability to create the inclusive and equitable learning environments that ensure every student has the opportunities necessary to succeed. In this five-module microcredential course, instructors gain proven strategies to create a more equitable and just learning environment.

This program prepares faculty to:

  • Manage the Impact of Biases

  • Reduce Microaggressions in Learning Environments

  • Address Imposter Phenomenon and Stereotype Threat

  • Create Inclusive Learning Environments

  • Design Equity-Centered Courses

How do I sign up?

This program is now full. Please fill out our Interest List to be notified of future ACUE program opportunities. 



Which CSUN faculty have earned this Microcredential ?

Arts, Media, and Communication

  • Art: Juliet Moss
  • Communication Studies: Dinah Nucum 
  • Journalism: Marcella DeVeaux 
  • Theatre: Stephanie Lim 

Business and Economics 

  • Economics: Francisco Beltran Silvia
  • Systems and Operations Management: Amir Gharehgozil, Thomas Wedel 


  • Educational Psychology and Counseling: Hillary Kaplowitz
  • Secondary Education: Jennifer Wolfe

Health and Human Development 

  • Child and Adolescent Development: Tracey September Ewing, Marlen Quintero Perez, Whitney Scott
  • Family Consumer Sciences: Joyce Marie Brusasco
  • Health Sciences: Grishma Bhavsar, Carmen Saunders-Russel


  • Central American Studies: Susana Marcelo
  • Chicana/o Studies: Melisa Galvan 
  • English: Ana Castellon, Azure Star Glover, Kelan Koning, Amber Norwood, Nicole Solis 
  • Queer Studies: Diane Dang 

Science and Math 

  • Biology: Casey terHorst  
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Li Ye
  • Mathematics: Michael Crosswhite

Social and Behavioral Sciences 

  • Criminology and Justice Studies: Katherine Lorenz
  • History: Christopher Michael Blakley, Henry Maar
  • Political Science: Kristy Michaud 
  • Urban Studies and Planning: Claude Willey 

Student Success

  • Academic First Year Experiences:  (many of these faculty teach in more than one department) Anne Crawford, Debra Mercado, Carolina Sevilla



Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning