Faculty Development

HyFlex Teaching Support Program

Program Overview

CSUN will continue offering HyFlex courses and faculty who are teaching HyFlex are eligible for this support program. On this page, you will find a summary of the program, which comes with a faculty stipend. 

Please note that applications are closed for spring 2023. Check back soon for fall 2023. 


Who Should Enroll?

Faculty who are scheduled to teach HyFlex courses (designated as HyFlex in SOLAR) in the next semester are eligible for this program. If you are unsure if you are teaching HyFlex, please reach out to your department chair. If you qualify, check out these added benefits to completing the program.

  • Technology Skills: Faculty will build on their knowledge and experience using Canvas and Zoom.
  • Course Design: HyFlex is unique because there are multiple modalities occurring at the same time. Faculty will develop specific, intentional course design plans that will help make things easier to prepare to teach HyFlex.
  • Growth Mindset: Teaching HyFlex requires adopting a flexible and calm mindset, as learning any new technology and teaching approach takes practice. Faculty will learn how to adapt through challenges and create flexible course design for any necessary changes that may arise throughout the semester.

What Are the Requirements?

This program includes the following self-paced Canvas courses:

  • IT HyFlex Technology Orientation: This training program will help you manage the technology needed to run a HyFlex course.
  • FacDev’s Get Up to Speed with HyFlex Teaching: This training program will help you design, facilitate, and teach a HyFlex course.

Is There Funding?

Yes. A stipend of $1,000 will be issued if you meet the following requirements:

  • Teach a HyFlex class in the upcoming semester
  • Complete the IT HyFlex Technology Orientation course
  • Complete FacDev Get Up to Speed with HyFlex Teaching course

Explore CSUN's HyFlex Resources

There are a variety of resources available to you to find out more about teaching HyFlex. These resources are provided to you through Faculty Development, Academic Technology, and Classroom Technology. 

  • Faculty Development's HyFlex Teaching Modality page: Located in the FacDev Teaching Toolkit, this page includes information on what is HyFlex and what is not HyFlex, the types of HyFlex, and more.
  • Information Technology's HyFlex page: This page includes a HyFlex for Faculty video, accessibility information for teaching HyFlex, and a list of HyFlex classrooms. 
  • Personalized On-Campus Training: IT will provide personalized on-campus training sessions on how to operate the classroom technology upon request. You may schedule an appointment with Dominic Little, Lead, Classroom Technology and Media Support at or phone 818/677-4799.
  • Community Meetings: There may be additional community meetings with a cohort of instructors who are teaching HyFlex. These meetings will be facilitated by experienced HyFlex faculty with engagement from Faculty Development and Academic Technology. More information will be provided soon.

How Do I Sign Up?

Applications are now being accepted.

We look forward to helping make sure you have what you need to teach your HyFlex course. We commend you on this endeavor, and we want you to know that we in IT and Faculty Development are here to support you!