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HyFlex Pilot Program

Pilot 2.0 Program Overview

CSUN's HyFlex pilot will continue into the spring 2022 semester. Faculty interested in learning for the first time how to teach using a HyFlex modality are invited to join this pilot program in order to receive maximum support and resources from Academic Affairs/Faculty Development and Information Technology/Faculty Technology Center & Classroom Support.

What is HyFlex?

HyFlex stands for Hybrid Flexible and it is described as a hybrid instructional approach that combines face-to-face and online learning.  The video below allows you to learn more about how CSUN is defining HyFlex:

HyFlex Informational Session

Gain clarity on the definition of a HyFlex teaching modality, learn from current CSUN faculty in the fall pilot about their experiences, and discover what the spring semester pilot program entails with these recordings on October 20 & 21, 2021.

 Additional perspectives from faculty and Instructional Student Assistants:


Explore CSUN's HyFlex Resources

If you can't attend one of the HyFlex Informational Sessions, you can still learn more about HyFlex teaching at the following websites:

What's needed before trying HyFlex?

HyFlex is not the solution for all faculty or all courses. Further, CSUN is not suggesting that HyFlex be the new teaching and learning modality for all. Consider how you might meet the following recommendations below before applying to this program:

  • Technology Skills: Faculty should have adequate knowledge and experience using the tools Canvas and Zoom beyond the basics. Those who dislike online teaching, self-identify as "tech-phobic", or resistant to HyFlex teaching should not join this pilot program.
  • Quality Teaching Standards: Faculty should have a knowledge base of the standards for Quality Teaching and Learning (QLT) in order to have a smoother transfer to this unique HyFlex modality. This can be achieved either through FacDev's eLearning Institute or the Chancellor's Office QLT courses. This may not be ideal for courses and instructors that rely heavily on pure lecture. 
  • Mindset: This approach requires adopting a flexible and calm mindset, as learning any new technology and teaching approach rarely goes smoothly the first time. It also requires a growth mindset with a commitment to keep learning and persisting through challenges. 
  • Department Approval: Faculty should communicate with their respective chairs and/or dean to determine if the selected course is ideal for this modality or not. 

What's included with the pilot program?

Faculty accepted into this pilot program will receive the following supports:

  1. Help designing your course: Redesign your course to meet the demands of HyFlex teaching by considering your SLOs, assignments, engagement strategies, materials and key tools to accomplish your learning goals. A self-paced asynchronous program will be available in the winter before the spring semester.
  2. Instructional Student Assistant (ISA): You have the option to work with an ISA to help you manage the technology during the synchronous sessions so that you can focus on securing engagement of both online and on-campus students.
  3. A HyFlex classroom: Your HyFlex course will get assigned to one of our updated HyFlex classrooms.
  4. Hands-On technology training: Hands-on training on how to use the hardware and software to facilitate HyFlex teaching.
  5. Friendly support: Spend time with others who care about you and your HyFlex experience. Regular and informal Community Meetings will be scheduled to exchange insights with fellow faculty peers to learn from each other, including folks from FacDev and IT.

 Is there funding?

Yes. A stipend of $1600 will be issued to those who engage in all pilot program requirements. CSUN's HyFlex pilot program will conclude in Spring 2022 and future funding for HyFlex professional development is uncertain. 

Apply to the Spring HyFlex Pilot 2.0 Program

If you've consulted with your department chair/college and would like to join this community so that you and your students will have a positive experience in spring 2022, complete an application.


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