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Get Up to Speed with HyFlex Teaching

We designed this ongoing self-paced, asynchronous program to help faculty prepare to teach HyFlex courses. There are different varieties of HyFlex courses but what makes HyFlex unique is that some portion of the class is conducted simultaneously in-person and online. This program will focus on the strategies you need to seamlessly navigate the Hyflex format so you can focus on teaching your students.


When is it?

This self-paced ongoing program is available now. Complete the registration form to sign up. 

Who should enroll?

This course can be useful for faculty who are getting ready to teach a HyFlex course or are just interested in learning about the modality. This is a flexible program so it is up to you if you want to go through the self-paced material in order, do the activities and get the certificate or just pick and choose what you engage in. Below are two additional considerations:

Preference for Self-Paced: This program is ideal for faculty who don't want to commit to specific meeting times and enjoy learning independently & asynchronously through accessing readings, videos and navigating technical instructional steps online. This is not our traditional "sit next to you" facilitated program. But you can go at your own pace and even skip around to content in the course you want to learn more about.

Basic Technology Skill Level: Faculty with some basic technical skill sets (Zoom & Canvas) are welcome to join. If you are newer to teaching in online spaces we recommend, that you concurrently enroll in our Get Up to Speed with Online Teaching self-paced, asynchronous program. We also recommend you take advantage of the resources that IT Classroom support provides so you can learn how to use the HyFlex Classroom Technology.

What are the program goals & objectives?

As you go through the course you will learn about the different types of HyFlex courses along with best practices for preparing, creating, and facilitating HyFlex courses. The focus will be on the teaching strategies that will help you best develop and deliver HyFlex courses. Here is a summary of what is covered:

  • Prepping Your Course: Learn which HyFlex format will work for your course, what you need to do to modify your syllabus, and how to communicate to students.
  • Creating Your Materials: Discover how to tailor your Canvas course, lecture videos, and assignments for HyFlex and plan out your synchronous sessions.
  • Facilitating Your Course: Explore techniques and strategies for managing teaching and learning in simultaneous environments so that all students can succeed.
  • INCLUDED Template and Checklist: Access a Run of Show document template for planning your class meetings and a Set-up Checklist to help manage your time in the classroom

By the end of the program, faculty will be able to:

  1. Select an appropriate HyFlex format for your course based on modality, flexibility, teaching, and students
  2. Create an attendance policy to explain options for flexibility to students that provides flexibility while still being manageable
  3. List changes needed to adapt your syllabus for your HyFlex course delivery, including objectives, due dates, and assessment requirements
  4. Describe how you will modify your lecture delivery and/or recording strategies to support students in each environment in your HyFlex course
  5. Explain how you will use the Run of Show document to facilitate your HyFlex class sessions
  6. Describe how you plan to engage students across multiple learning environments in your HyFlex class sessions
  7. Identify student-based facilitation strategies to help you manage your HyFlex class sessions 


How do I sign up?

This self-paced ongoing program is available now. Complete the registration form to sign up.