Faculty Development

Inspiring & Motivating Students to Experience More Confidence & Enjoyment of Learning  (four Tues 12-2)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 12:00pm

UGS on the Roof Conference Room

Series #3 of our series on Culturally Relevant Teaching, led by Mark Stevens.

These EXCEL workshops, led by Mark Stevens (Educational Psychology) will provide participants the opportunity to: (1) practice and share ideas about culturally responsive pedagogy, (2) learn ways to use self as a motivator and inspiration for first generation and underserved student populations to develop a greater sense of belonging, (3) learn self-reflection exercises as a teaching strategy to reduce academic anxiety, and (4) develop strategies to increase help seeking behaviors of students. 

A stipend of $100 is offered to each participant for full attendance of this series. Space is limited. Sign up TODAY by registering with the link above or emailing facdev@csun.edu