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Early STEM

Who: EARLY STEM is an optional but strongly recommended program for freshmen ready for college level mathematics and writing.

Why: As a student majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) or Environmental and Occupational Health or Kinesiology Exercise Science, proper fall math placement is essential for a smooth transition to CSUN.  The default math placement is Pre-Calculus I (Math 102), but EARLY STEM students can improve their fall math placement to:

  • Pre-Calculus II (Math 105),
  • Calculus (Math 150A or 255A)  and/or
  • Physics (Phys100A)

Course: XMTH 991S.  Credit (CR) only class with an associated numerical score that determines placement:

  • Below 65 = Math 102
  • 65 = Math 105
  • 80 = Math 150A, Math 255A, or Phys 100A

Cost: $200 unless a student is eligible for a fee waiver based on Pell eligibility.  If you see a charge for the course when you register, then you did not receive the waiver and are responsible for the fees.   

Instructor: Otilia Gonzales               Email:


  • Registration starts:  April 10, 2018  (see registration steps on the left)
  • Course Starting:  June 25, 2018
  • Registration end: July 21, 2018
  • Last day of instruction: August 1, 2018

Format: This opportunity combines the flexibility of working from home with the support of on campus, individualized instruction. 

  • Getting started on EARLY STEM: First, please register for the course. Registration steps are on the left.  Shortly after registering, your instructor will send instructions for getting started to your CSUN email. In this course, you will use an adaptive online course that enables you to focus on the math skills that you need to sharpen for improved fall placement. You can get going from any computer connected to the internet.  Your instructor will offer help and guidance remotely until June 25th.
  • Working on and off campus: Starting June 25th, you can work remotely (online) but you have the opportunity to come to campus to get help as needed in the EARLY STEM computer lab at CSUN.  The lab is staffed by mathematics faculty and tutors who offer one-on-one help.  This will also give you the opportunity to explore CSUN’s campus and resources.
  • Completing EARLY STEM: You will continue working in EARLY STEM until your instructor sees that you are ready to take an on-campus proctored final assessment.  The final assessment must be completed on campus.  Once you complete that assessment, you will be done with EARLY STEM.  However, if you wish to continue practicing your math skills, the program will remain available to you for 6 months.