Community Engagement

We The People

 CSUN Act Now!

CSUN Act Now (CAN) is a series of events and activities planned for Fall 2020 designed to engage you and our students in civic engagement and our democratic process.

Events and Activities will include:

  • Voter Registration Initiative
  • Strategies to Deconstruct the Ballot
  • News Literacy Teach-Ins
  • Pop-up News Discussions
  • Documentary Screenings
  • Panels, Speakers and Webinars
  • Debate Watch 2020
  • Performances
  • Exhibits
  • And Much More!

 Visit the CSUN Act Now Webpage for more detailed information and get involved!


Engage in Democracy! 


Integrating Civic Engagement in the Classroom Workshop

with John Kephart, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Materials from this workshop are available upon request from the Office of Community Engagement.

This workshop is for faculty who are interested in integrating opportunities for students to learn about and participate in civic engagement into their curricula. Students often feel as though politics are boring, not relevant to their daily lives, or too overwhelming for them to become informed enough to participate with confidence. This, despite the fact that there are a number of local and immediate places for civic engagement that have a central impact on their communities (local elections, neighborhood council, school board, advocacy campaigns, volunteering, or direct ballot initiatives at the city, county, and state-level).

We are hosting workshops for faculty interested in integrating connections between civic engagement and course material into their classrooms while still being able to teach the content they need to meet their broader learning outcomes. The workshop will help faculty design assignments, class discussion, and/or lecture units around helping students develop the skills to see how policies, rules, regulations, or other public actions are taken on topics of concern to them, and how to evaluate information on those topics to form their own informed opinion. Faculty either brainstorm new ideas in the workshop, or bring an existing assignment from a course to revise. Either way, faculty can expect to leave with a specific plan to bring civic engagement into the classroom, as well as get information on resources to help implement that plan.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Identify connections between civic engagement and course material
  • Design assignments that meet course outcomes and provide students with tools to become engaged with civic issues important to them