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CSUN Act Now Town Hall "$avvy Ways to Save Money at C$UN" 2021

October 29, 2021

Live Recording of CSUN Act Now's Event, "$avvy Ways to Save Money at C$UN" (Oct. 27) - Video Recording and Transcript Available Below

Video Transcript


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Christopher Aston: You want where do you want to add it add an image and then you just kind of select the image from your desktop web whatever it was.

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Jesus Alvarez: i'm not doing this to Am I did I feel full screen right now, or is that what you're doing.

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Christopher Aston: I did not fill up the whole screen, I think that that's something that bossy or, if you want to ever exit that kind of version, you can always just Double Click the whole screen just to come out of that.

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Christopher Aston: And i'm done.

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Julia Heinen - CSUN: i've started the webinar So if you can mute yourself and turn off your video.

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Christopher Aston: Hello matadors i'm excited to have you join us here today for see sons act now savvy ways to save money, as he said.

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Christopher Aston: My name is Christopher asked and i'm director for the Department of student development and transitional programs and i'll be helping out to facilitate today's conversation and again i'm glad you can make it to the event.

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Christopher Aston: Now today's event is sponsored by the sea son act now campus team and co organized by the US, you know associated students, the office of sustainability.

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Christopher Aston: Affordable learning solutions, which is a grouping of the university library see some campus store and the disability resource and educational services department.

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Christopher Aston: And all together These areas include a collaboration of students faculty staff and Community members working to craft interactive activities performances lecture seminars and exhibits to help our our matadors you.

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Christopher Aston: make informed decisions and participate meaningfully in their communities.

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Christopher Aston: Now and in addition to gaining insight and ideas on saving money through this event, the big takeaway here is that together we can help the season Community make meaningful change on critical issues this year and in the future.

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Christopher Aston: So this is our first act now event for fall 2021 and I want to encourage everyone to check out the website, which will leave in the chat a little bit later on.

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Christopher Aston: um and before we begin, we do have a special welcome and message by our university President, Dr Erica back let's go ahead and run that video.

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Hello matadors, thank you for the opportunity to provide a welcome at this act now town hall focused on college affordability.

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And my thanks to all of you for participating and joining in a conversation that fundamentally speaks to our commitment to access and equity.

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As many of you are aware, I believe in the transformative power of higher education and to my leadership is rooted in the values of equity belonging and inclusion.

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Ensuring that I see son education is affordable is central to these values.

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Discussions on affordability at public institutions of higher learning around the country at accelerated in recent decades.

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As states on the whole, have continued to cover less and less of the total cost of college attendance and the buying power of federal financial aid has not kept pace with inflation.

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Shifting the financial burden of a college education to students and their families.

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We are deeply grateful for the investment that the state of California has continued to make.

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In the CSU, but the trend lines are clear students are carrying a much higher percentage of the total cost of their education than they did several decades ago.

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To meet our mission, it is critical that we continue to provide a transformative educational experience for students and not only sustain the quality.

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But also propeller university forward in ways that support our students for the future of the innovation economy.

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And we must be in a position to do so, expecting that state funding levels will fluctuate with the ebb and flow of economic conditions outside of our control.

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To that end, see Center is committed to ensuring that we remain affordable for students and their families, and there are many indicators of our success in this regard.

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For example, we are ranked fourth in the nation and accelerating the social and economic mobility of our graduates.

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Out of all the universities around the country only three are better at improving the economic mobility of their students than we are and just a few short weeks ago season was also ranked fourth on the.

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Washington monthly best bang for the buck West a clear indication of our collective efforts to keep costs down and offer an incredible education to our students.

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And there are individuals across our campus who have been leading these efforts, for example.

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Affordable learning solutions, has worked with faculty to reduce the cost of textbooks for students, promoting the use of open educational resources and low and to no cost instructional materials.

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Since 2016 affordable learning solutions and our dedicated faculty have saved see some students, more than a million dollars.

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The University library also offers course reserves, allowing students to borrow their assigned texts from the library and online textbooks in the library catalog for free.

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I know that many faculty and staff are investing their intellectual capital and tremendous amounts of time and providing high quality low cost and no cost course materials.

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because they know that their investment is an investment in our students and their future success.

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This year we have expanded upon these investments and our new season ready program provides free course materials for first time freshmen for the fall 2021 semester today just under 6000 students have been served by this program and over 28,000 Orders have been processed.

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We also know that the digital divide is another barrier to college affordability and we have invested heavily in expanding student access.

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To the tools they need to be successful in their programs in the past year season has loaned more than 3700 laptops Internet hotspots webcams and headsets to students and we are continuing to offer these technologies into the new academic year.

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Our brand new see success program which launched this fall on eight CSU campuses including see sun provides a loan.

00:08:24.180 --> 00:08:33.330
iPad air apple pencil and apple smart keyboard folio to all first time freshmen and new student transfers who registered to participate.

00:08:33.630 --> 00:08:37.980
Students will be able to use the equipment through the completion of their undergraduate degree.

00:08:38.340 --> 00:08:46.920
Just under 11,000 students are eligible for this program and so far, we have learned more than 5000 ipads this fall on our campus.

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across both of these technology programs see some has invested nearly $13 million to ensure that matadors have the access to to the technology they need to be successful.

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And while we have made great strides there is still more that we can do when we are committed to reimagining the way we support our students.

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To ensure they have the support they need to realize their potential and arrive as graduates beyond our doors.

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I look forward to our ongoing partnership in thinking about affordability collectively holistically and creatively in service of the students, we are so proud to call matadors I thank you for your participation here today and wish you a successful and productive event.

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Christopher Aston: alrighty well, thank you, that was from our President, Dr Erica back and throw Her message, she noted various ways that season is engaged in a variety best works to surround.

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Christopher Aston: Educational affordability sharing with us that season is ranked nationally among universities, offering the most value for the price of tuition and student fees.

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Christopher Aston: And she also noticed noted rather noted that large investments were made to reduce prices for new students, including the season ready program which provided free physical and digital books.

00:10:09.420 --> 00:10:15.090
Christopher Aston: For their courses and the see success initiative, which provided an apple iPad the apple pencil and the.

00:10:15.420 --> 00:10:22.380
Christopher Aston: keyboard portfolio ultimate growing means of digital access so to help us all, better understand additional ways.

00:10:22.620 --> 00:10:28.890
Christopher Aston: That season can help maximize success by saving you money we have a group of panelists today from across the campus here to connect with you.

00:10:29.310 --> 00:10:32.190
Christopher Aston: So let me tell you a little bit about how this is all going to go.

00:10:32.670 --> 00:10:38.460
Christopher Aston: First we're going to have some introductions i'll be asking all the panelists to join me by introducing themselves will call them one by one.

00:10:38.730 --> 00:10:43.770
Christopher Aston: So they can share with with us their name the pronouns titles and roles and what departments they're representing.

00:10:44.310 --> 00:10:51.480
Christopher Aston: Next panelist will then share and i'll call them again, one by one and there'll be sharing about three to five minutes on smart ways to save money at season.

00:10:51.690 --> 00:10:57.900
Christopher Aston: And, in some cases they'll be incorporating questions that you may have already submitted to us when rsvp for this event.

00:10:58.650 --> 00:11:06.750
Christopher Aston: After that we'll go to an open question and answer for any remaining questions that didn't get touched upon during their summaries and i'll ask those submitted questions.

00:11:07.590 --> 00:11:12.540
Christopher Aston: That you can utilize the Q amp a feature that's located at the bottom of your screen there for zoom.

00:11:12.900 --> 00:11:24.030
Christopher Aston: Or you can place that into the chat feature and we'll try to get to those the best we can all right so let's begin i'd love for the panelists to first come, one by one and introduce themselves.

00:11:24.390 --> 00:11:29.820
Christopher Aston: And let's see here we're going to go ahead and start with let's see your crystal ball on crystal.

00:11:33.360 --> 00:11:37.530
Christel Bowen: hi everyone, my name is crystal bowen she her pronouns.

00:11:37.980 --> 00:11:51.540
Christel Bowen: And I am the activities assistant for food programs, so I work with a lot of our food basic needs programs, such as the season food pantry seasons pop up pantry and see since calfresh outreach and i'm really excited to be here with you today and talk food.

00:11:52.830 --> 00:11:55.860
Christopher Aston: Thank you so much crystal hey Suze please introduce yourself.

00:11:57.810 --> 00:12:02.310
Jesus Alvarez: I managed to sue so Alvarez I work in the financial aid office, I also.

00:12:03.660 --> 00:12:12.810
Jesus Alvarez: From the fray Daniel to talk to him and admission Indians and through my affiliation, as from a tribal Member i'm also working with Institute of sustainability.

00:12:13.200 --> 00:12:27.570
Jesus Alvarez: And so i've little bit of a twist where i'm helping with the naming the for the look of plants native plants and also part of the food garden so that will hopefully talk a little bit of financial aid and food garden so that's my little twist on things.

00:12:28.590 --> 00:12:32.070
Christopher Aston: Thank you for that is so appreciate it let's now move to kyle.

00:12:35.160 --> 00:12:43.290
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Thanks Chris for my name is kyle huff nagel my pronounce or he him his and I work for the marketing department of the university student Union.

00:12:44.070 --> 00:13:00.540
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): The US shoe includes the student recreation Center at the veterans resource Center pride Center dream Center and a slew of other programs and services mental health see some students connect with the university and get the help that they need along their academic career.

00:13:01.680 --> 00:13:05.940
Christopher Aston: appreciate it guys Thank you so much, and last but not least, the lead, please introduce yourself, my friend.

00:13:08.220 --> 00:13:19.770
Shelline Warren: Good afternoon, my name is Julian Warren and i'm the director of financial aid and scholarships I serve as the overall coordinator of scholarships and financial aid.

00:13:20.910 --> 00:13:29.640
Shelline Warren: As far as our department is concerned, we have 43 staff that are here to assist you in financial aid, I know you have lots of questions and we're here to assist you.

00:13:30.720 --> 00:13:37.890
Christopher Aston: Excellent Thank you so much for that actually alright, so now we're going to go into our individual summaries, where each of the panelists that just introduced themselves.

00:13:38.280 --> 00:13:46.140
Christopher Aston: will walk us through just a little bit about the tips that they might have prepared for you initially so we're going to go from the revert the same order.

00:13:46.350 --> 00:13:53.040
Christopher Aston: Earlier and we're going to go ahead and start with crystal crystal tell us a little bit about your department your area and how students can save money.

00:13:54.150 --> 00:13:54.390

00:13:55.800 --> 00:14:08.430
Christel Bowen: hi Daniel um so food right basic needs so with our programs are we are working with the season food pantry, which is a completely free resource to.

00:14:08.730 --> 00:14:18.420
Christel Bowen: The SES and Community students staff and faculty are able to come visit us once per week we're actually open four days a week now Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am to 1pm.

00:14:18.960 --> 00:14:28.650
Christel Bowen: Wednesdays from 1pm until 7pm so we're currently open and operational feel free to drop by if you're in the area and then Thursdays from one to five, as well.

00:14:29.910 --> 00:14:43.620
Christel Bowen: completely free we don't ask for a lot of documentation or anything like that the only thing we ask is to see their your season ID or if you don't have your current season ID can pull up your profile, which is accessible through a mobile APP.

00:14:44.670 --> 00:14:55.860
Christel Bowen: The other programs I work with is the season pop up pantry, which is very similar to the food pantry in the sense that it is completely free to students staff and faculty.

00:14:56.700 --> 00:15:00.960
Christel Bowen: The twist is where the food pantry focuses on shelf stable goods so Kanga.

00:15:01.800 --> 00:15:15.600
Christel Bowen: box goods that sort of thing and also offers toiletries the pop up pantries all fresh good so fresh produce so that's where you would be getting your fresh apples celery potatoes, which we still have some so again feel free to drop by.

00:15:17.070 --> 00:15:22.200
Christel Bowen: So that's where we get those the pop up pantry as it kind of says, in the name pops up.

00:15:23.340 --> 00:15:29.400
Christel Bowen: Every other week so last week we had a pop up pantry this week, we do not have one, but next week, we will.

00:15:30.240 --> 00:15:43.890
Christel Bowen: So we do a lot of our promotions on our social media site which is at see some food pantry on all the different instagram Facebook Twitter, so if you're interested in that program and seeing what dates they're popping up.

00:15:44.490 --> 00:15:51.990
Christel Bowen: feel free to follow us on that I saw that somebody dropped our website in the chat all of our social media handles are also on the website.

00:15:52.260 --> 00:16:02.070
Christel Bowen: As well as information about when the public entries are the times again for the food pantry and what we actually offer with the food pantry to those shelf stable goods right and toiletries.

00:16:04.170 --> 00:16:12.090
Christel Bowen: Our other programs I mentioned right what's the food stuff right is our season calfresh outreach so you can think of as kind of the middle people.

00:16:12.720 --> 00:16:26.550
Christel Bowen: in the sense that we are not the county so we're not the final say so on, if you do get approved for calfresh benefits or not, however, we help you get there, so calfresh is a federally sister federal food assistance Program.

00:16:27.600 --> 00:16:38.550
Christel Bowen: And what we do is we help to see if you are potentially eligible or not, and then from there, you can make an informed decision on if you want to take the time to apply for the benefits.

00:16:39.270 --> 00:16:54.480
Christel Bowen: see some students on average pre Kobe we're obtaining about $150 worth of benefits per month, a recent update I have seen for students in general is now $190 per month, with a maximum out of about 221 per month.

00:16:55.770 --> 00:17:00.120
Christel Bowen: Lots of numbers there sorry, but the main idea is you get this free money for food.

00:17:00.540 --> 00:17:12.960
Christel Bowen: it's not something that's going to be taxed it's not going to be something that affects your financial aid status it is literally free money for food and you can use that to purchase whatever you need from the store right.

00:17:14.700 --> 00:17:23.100
Christel Bowen: And then, how we bring it all together, you can come to the pantry get your shelf stable goods right your kangas can beans can meet if you're into that sort of thing.

00:17:24.360 --> 00:17:39.270
Christel Bowen: Go to the pop up pantry get some fresh goods and then, if you like, chicken, you know, or you want some more other freshman's you can use your calfresh benefits to get all of those at the store and you can kind of choose specifically which items, you want to buy with your calfresh benefits.

00:17:40.470 --> 00:17:46.770
Christopher Aston: crystal I have a quick question for you on for the calfresh benefits on I put the link there also for you to.

00:17:47.280 --> 00:17:48.450
Christopher Aston: for students to explore.

00:17:48.660 --> 00:17:55.350
Christopher Aston: But how long does it take to to register or to go through the process to identify if you can in fact receive benefits.

00:17:55.740 --> 00:18:00.510
Christel Bowen: that's a great question, so I think that's one of the misconceptions is some times it's really difficult.

00:18:01.680 --> 00:18:09.120
Christel Bowen: Now, if you go straight to the county right I can't say what how long it's going to take you there right, you might have to sit, you might have to make an appointment, you might have to wait.

00:18:09.540 --> 00:18:20.640
Christel Bowen: With us you literally make a pre screen appointment to determine your eligibility takes less than five minutes on a phone call it's based off of your timing when you're free, so we have a whole entire.

00:18:21.150 --> 00:18:31.800
Christel Bowen: schedule of open times from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday and you schedule, whichever time works for you and, once you have determined, if you are potentially eligible or not.

00:18:32.250 --> 00:18:41.340
Christel Bowen: Again, you schedule an appointment based off of your timing again Monday through Friday and we can help you through that application or say that doesn't work for you right.

00:18:41.940 --> 00:18:48.360
Christel Bowen: I myself a master student and working right, so I don't have a lot of extra free time Monday through Friday nine to five.

00:18:48.840 --> 00:19:00.930
Christel Bowen: We have a unique URL that we can share with you, so if you want to apply 1am in the morning go for it and we're still here to assist you, you can ask us questions and we can help you get all the documentation in place.

00:19:03.180 --> 00:19:12.570
Christopher Aston: Excellent Thank you so much crystal for that and we'll be coming back to you there any questions that bubble up or if any questions were submitted to me earlier on, and you just haven't gotten to it, yet, so thank you for that I appreciate it.

00:19:14.160 --> 00:19:24.990
Christopher Aston: All right, let's now we're going to keep our financial aid and scholarships department folks together so i'm going to go to kyle first and then i'm going to shift over to hayes's and choline so kyle.

00:19:25.380 --> 00:19:30.870
Christopher Aston: From the university student Union go ahead and unmute yourself and your screen and tell us a little bit about how students can save money.

00:19:32.880 --> 00:19:44.370
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): awesome thanks Chris for while the university student union is a pretty large area on campus if you're not familiar with, where it's located it's right next the src it's very hard to miss.

00:19:45.060 --> 00:20:00.510
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): i'm very passionate about talking about the ways that that us, you can help you save money, because it is the largest employer students on campus That means a lot of things because we're overseeing loads of resource departments were overseeing loads of administration.

00:20:01.620 --> 00:20:11.820
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): If you're passionate about fitness you can find an opportunity to have a job with fitness or wellness maybe its diversity inclusion, maybe it's a computer lab.

00:20:12.300 --> 00:20:25.140
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And addition to services and resources that are available to all students like printing 20 free pages, a day at the computer lab or taking a class about learning a little bit more about indesign or PowerPoint.

00:20:26.010 --> 00:20:31.320
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): there's loads other things that you can do with your free time i'm a big proponent of a penny saved is a penny earned.

00:20:32.970 --> 00:20:42.480
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And there's loads of opportunities for students to get involved or just casually enjoy you know, a passive resource at their disposal.

00:20:43.980 --> 00:20:54.090
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Something that is unique to the US shoe is we had one of the first wellness vending machines in the nation, which means that condoms emergency.

00:20:54.630 --> 00:21:03.780
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): contraception pregnancy test tampons pads tylenol ibuprofen are available at no cost and it convenient location right in our salsa.

00:21:04.470 --> 00:21:18.150
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): So it's something that's very unique, in addition to the oasis wellness Center which was aimed to tackle students being stressed out throughout the Semester to free and fun way to unwind and connect with other students, just like yourself.

00:21:20.190 --> 00:21:29.130
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Another way that you can get involved in save money, the US she's been supporting initiatives, through their board of directors, which are their meetings that happen monthly.

00:21:29.520 --> 00:21:48.870
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): and students can get involved it's student led and student driven to support initiatives around campus much like the season food pantry medicare emergency grants holiday dinners temporary emergency housing needs and really are emerging basic needs that are coming through campus.

00:21:50.070 --> 00:21:54.780
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Other things that are really important through the US, you are our.

00:21:56.010 --> 00:22:04.110
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Cultural centers like the veterans resource Center pride Center and the dream Center which aims to help and assist EB 540 students and their families.

00:22:05.880 --> 00:22:11.190
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): looks like we have a question here, where we're located on campus we are located near the matador statue.

00:22:12.210 --> 00:22:18.660
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Alongside associated students, so that will be the East side of campus and the G three parking lot.

00:22:18.960 --> 00:22:29.700
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Student recreation Center is probably the best landmark indicator and if you're looking at the university library it's right down the matador walk it's hard to miss.

00:22:30.120 --> 00:22:42.570
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And people all across campus can point you in the right direction, but the best thing to probably indicate is it's on the east side of campus and just look for the src it's a large building, you can see it from a long ways away.

00:22:44.070 --> 00:22:55.080
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And in addition to that, I would highly recommend visiting our website there's a chat function, where you can ask questions get connected to resource centers or.

00:22:55.620 --> 00:23:06.600
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Look at job opportunities that are open throughout the year we don't just hire at the beginning of every semester there's constantly opportunities to come in and get involved, and you know if you're spending a lot of time on campus.

00:23:07.260 --> 00:23:16.740
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): there's places to lounge there's places to study if you're involved in student organizations they're free meeting rooms there and it's really.

00:23:17.880 --> 00:23:24.840
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): awesome to see some of the studies that have been conducted that student involvement is directly correlated to student success.

00:23:25.320 --> 00:23:30.990
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And the more you put into it, the more you get out of it, so I highly recommend please visit the university student Union.

00:23:31.590 --> 00:23:43.170
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): If you're interested in job opportunities, please connect and see how you can enhance your academic career with your professional career and help bridge that gap and really make yourself proud to be a medical.

00:23:45.060 --> 00:23:59.850
Christopher Aston: appreciate that kyle and you know what before you leave I wanted to just say one thing here, is it true, and due to the pandemic and in other situations, I mean pieces of it were closed and whatnot but the anticipated it's fully open at this point Am I correct about that.

00:24:00.690 --> 00:24:06.540
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): That is correct, I mean the University has been transitioning from a virtual model to a hybrid model.

00:24:06.990 --> 00:24:14.460
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And that's really interesting because there's so many programs and events that happened in the university student Union throughout the year.

00:24:14.730 --> 00:24:28.080
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): That we are really kind of the blossoming you know flower on the Bush So things are open the resources are available to you the student recreation Center is fully open and everything is getting cleaned and.

00:24:28.740 --> 00:24:37.830
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): You know all covered related protocols are being adhere to, but the university student is open to you right now, if you're in a hybrid model class and you're on campus.

00:24:38.160 --> 00:24:48.540
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Monday Wednesday Friday, there are loads of activities and things available to you, Monday through Friday and on the weekends so don't hesitate to stop by comes to you what it's all about.

00:24:49.170 --> 00:24:59.130
Christopher Aston: yeah and I listed a whole bunch of links there in case you're interested in jobs with those services that you were explaining there may be more to come with other questions that bubble up from the bottom, I appreciate your time kyle Thank you so much.

00:25:00.870 --> 00:25:06.750
Christopher Aston: All right, so then moving to our next we're going to go to financial aid and scholarships we're going to go ahead and start with.

00:25:07.050 --> 00:25:18.570
Christopher Aston: hayes's Alvarez and he also mentioned that there's a slight twist he does represent a few areas and facets of this university, so he says, please come back to us and tell us a little bit about how students can start saving money.

00:25:21.840 --> 00:25:25.740
Jesus Alvarez: The Chilean actually is we're going to be sharing sent me.

00:25:25.920 --> 00:25:26.190
Christopher Aston: Okay.

00:25:26.220 --> 00:25:27.360
Christopher Aston: No problem just kidding.

00:25:28.320 --> 00:25:35.370
Jesus Alvarez: No, I do want to cover a little bit I mean I do work at the counter so as you experience in your calling financially i'm the person you speak to so.

00:25:35.670 --> 00:25:46.230
Jesus Alvarez: it's like it just opened up the fast for the dream act application, so please do that and if any of the very, very least, if anyone has questions i'm done the one you speak to so please engage me.

00:25:46.770 --> 00:25:59.520
Jesus Alvarez: feel free to do that are on our phone hours are from 10 to four Monday through Friday and and we're actually there in person from 10 to two so you can you're welcome to stop by.

00:26:00.090 --> 00:26:05.220
Jesus Alvarez: The other things that i'm engaged with is, and I wanted to drop this in the chat box is the.

00:26:06.180 --> 00:26:16.020
Jesus Alvarez: city of sustainability and so there's a lot of outreach its beginning a lot of development with with the gardens on campus so there's even to be resources, where you can.

00:26:16.560 --> 00:26:30.720
Jesus Alvarez: ideas that you can be able to pick and graze plan so for teas and different foods were stages so it's kind of fun way to just engage in our the actual environment that you're actually walking on campus, and so what I want to share right now is the.

00:26:36.930 --> 00:26:43.380
Jesus Alvarez: So just at some point, maybe just check this out it's close to the dorms is right behind the high school that's themselves up.

00:26:43.830 --> 00:26:53.970
Jesus Alvarez: So it's a it's really just a sustainability garden education Center and so there's classes being taught there but there's the herbs bazell.

00:26:54.390 --> 00:27:04.620
Jesus Alvarez: This fruit trees, there you can even get an introduction of how this has grown our the soil is so rich that you can plant almost any exotic plants and.

00:27:05.190 --> 00:27:13.920
Jesus Alvarez: trees in the soil, so I I love this I love talking about this and I love honoring my tribe the printed in your top of beneficial Indians.

00:27:14.280 --> 00:27:21.270
Jesus Alvarez: But we were able to sustain herself for thousands of years on soil that we're all standing on so I want to share that with you, I want you to enjoy that.

00:27:21.600 --> 00:27:27.480
Jesus Alvarez: But the campus is gracious to develop these programs and to have these garden so.

00:27:27.930 --> 00:27:34.890
Jesus Alvarez: it's there if you know in we can grow things and it's not and there's plans to be even given to you, so I know a lot of people are living in apartments.

00:27:35.190 --> 00:27:49.530
Jesus Alvarez: And condos so there's still even things that we parted and there's more and more outreach it's been developed for that, so I would love to talk to you on or on the phone about financial aid, I would love to talk to you about plants to so I please, please engage me i'm here for you.

00:27:51.330 --> 00:27:59.610
Christopher Aston: I appreciate it Thank you so much hey Zeus and then shifting over to show me more and the director for the Department of choline tell us how season students can save money.

00:28:00.540 --> 00:28:01.590
Shelline Warren: Thank you, Christopher.

00:28:02.880 --> 00:28:09.510
Shelline Warren: Students can save money, by ensuring that they apply for financial aid do it in a timely manner.

00:28:09.720 --> 00:28:14.880
Shelline Warren: So that they will be able to get the resources that are needed to assist them in getting their education.

00:28:15.090 --> 00:28:22.470
Shelline Warren: We always recommend that students search for scholarship opportunities to reduce their indebtedness for loans that they may consider borrowing.

00:28:22.710 --> 00:28:33.270
Shelline Warren: But the most important thing is to do the research advocate for yourself as far as looking for financial aid, information and other resources that may be available so.

00:28:33.810 --> 00:28:40.590
Shelline Warren: Our office is here to assist students, we are, we have a staff of counselors a staff of.

00:28:41.190 --> 00:28:55.860
Shelline Warren: scholarship coordinators that are here to assist as well, we also participate in some of the programs medicare program comes out of our office we approve the applications, we also have several programs that we.

00:28:56.310 --> 00:29:09.450
Shelline Warren: coordinate federal work, study is a program that we also have within financial aid and that's one of the programs that can also help students save money by working and earning your funds to.

00:29:10.380 --> 00:29:19.740
Shelline Warren: pay for your education, it allows you to have resources that will be able to assist you in your education and your your expenses.

00:29:20.040 --> 00:29:32.190
Shelline Warren: So those are some of the things that you know I would advocate and encourage students to do is apply for financial aid, make sure that they do it early one of the biggest things is that the earlier that you apply for financial aid, the more.

00:29:32.670 --> 00:29:42.960
Shelline Warren: probability is that you'll get more more resources or a to you, so those are really good things to consider and what would help students.

00:29:44.100 --> 00:29:45.390
Shelline Warren: Make the education affordable.

00:29:48.660 --> 00:30:01.800
Christopher Aston: I appreciate that saline and that's a good segue actually for everybody to unmute your screens at this point and we're going to be popping some things around really quickly, I know that one question already came to us from Jennifer.

00:30:02.220 --> 00:30:04.830
Christopher Aston: Jennifer asked what's the deadline to renew fafsa for the.

00:30:06.900 --> 00:30:13.110
Christopher Aston: school year so Charlene is in a zoo, so I think you might be best to answer that question um do you know, the deadline at the stone.

00:30:14.310 --> 00:30:24.240
Jesus Alvarez: arch seconds so it's just best if anything it's available now, so please do it, what happens is once it's filled out at some point we will email you confirm.

00:30:24.480 --> 00:30:29.910
Jesus Alvarez: So it's always probably good practice to do it and then follow up and just confirm the week that you're speaking to us.

00:30:30.180 --> 00:30:37.590
Jesus Alvarez: I always sort of present this to the students, if you can do it now, you can check in with us before winter break, so you know it's done.

00:30:37.890 --> 00:30:46.500
Jesus Alvarez: And also there's times to where people are selected for verification, so this is kind of random not everybody, but that usually happens before spring break so just a rule of thumb.

00:30:46.890 --> 00:30:55.620
Jesus Alvarez: fill it out now check in with us before winter break checking with us before spring break everything is real smooth we have a lot of times we're working on paperwork.

00:30:55.950 --> 00:31:04.020
Jesus Alvarez: By trying to get you set up a lot of times you're sending emails and questions usually running this by you and spring and makes it very simple.

00:31:05.130 --> 00:31:16.170
Christopher Aston: gotcha and you know who's enjoying that I suspect that most of them submit them on the first of March and because it's due to the second of March Am I correct about that.

00:31:17.190 --> 00:31:17.790
Christopher Aston: it's okay.

00:31:18.090 --> 00:31:23.370
Shelline Warren: it's surprisingly we do get a high volume of applications that are submitted right before the deadline.

00:31:24.030 --> 00:31:36.210
Shelline Warren: And for that reason, you know it's it's we encourage students to apply early the application becomes available became available October 1 so between October 1 and March 2 you have ample opportunity.

00:31:36.480 --> 00:31:45.030
Shelline Warren: To apply and get your application in it's important to know that we do award some grants on a first come, first serve basis.

00:31:45.480 --> 00:32:02.970
Shelline Warren: Even those students may apply by that march 2 priority deadline there's a first come, first serve basis there are grants in which they may be exhausted and the students may not be had that opportunity so it's important to do remember the earlier that you apply it's always, the better.

00:32:03.720 --> 00:32:15.750
Christopher Aston: And one follow up question to that what's the typical question that happens, or that a student might have and then end up calling, you are coming to the front desk that they have for you regarding their submission if anything.

00:32:17.820 --> 00:32:26.790
Shelline Warren: I think one of the biggest questions in haste, this can help me out here is that they just want to check on the status of their financial aid, ensure that your application has been received.

00:32:27.150 --> 00:32:28.380
Shelline Warren: and making sure that they have.

00:32:28.470 --> 00:32:38.220
Shelline Warren: All the notifications, and that everything is up to date, so we do do a lot of outreach the students our communication is very vibrant, so we, there is a lot of.

00:32:38.880 --> 00:32:49.020
Shelline Warren: information that you will receive it, as far as your status is concerned, we send out an acknowledgement when we see, we see the fafsa application so students will have that information to rely on.

00:32:49.320 --> 00:32:57.660
Shelline Warren: But I think that's probably our number one questions that students go through the process, they just want to check their status hey Suze, what do you think.

00:32:58.050 --> 00:33:06.540
Jesus Alvarez: yeah I agree it and it's Oh, I wanted to add something to the march 2 deadline, that is an East coast march 2 deadline, and so what that means.

00:33:06.900 --> 00:33:16.920
Jesus Alvarez: Is nine o'clock after nine o'clock here you are late, so you should not be waiting to march 1, and that is not in doing customer service it's not always fun.

00:33:17.250 --> 00:33:31.950
Jesus Alvarez: Having to have that conversation, so I don't always like being the bad guy but i'm I want to be the good guy and say, please do it now, so I can service you and be a nice guy when i'm talking to you, but march 2 it's should be before nine o'clock.

00:33:32.280 --> 00:33:43.380
Jesus Alvarez: But yeah it's a CD it's it's somewhat seasonal so well if you've done it you want to make sure we have it, we haven't pulled them into our system yet so it'll be a little probably a few more weeks, but.

00:33:43.830 --> 00:33:50.580
Jesus Alvarez: I want everybody's here, if you have questions, I would like to be the one that gets to talk to you i'll be in early December be fair, after vacation but.

00:33:51.330 --> 00:34:03.750
Jesus Alvarez: there'll be different questions different times throughout the season, but a couple calls, you know that called before fasfa be you know before summer vacation should be right on track shouldn't be too difficult.

00:34:04.650 --> 00:34:18.060
Christopher Aston: gotcha well, I appreciate those answers, certainly as far as fafsa and filing and getting loan money and or grant money going to shift a little bit to scholarships and they know that, of course, your department.

00:34:18.480 --> 00:34:24.060
Christopher Aston: Financial aid scholarships is is going to be primary for me to answer, have you answer these questions if you can.

00:34:24.300 --> 00:34:29.310
Christopher Aston: But also the US you and the matador involvement Center and the food pantry might be able to also speak to.

00:34:29.610 --> 00:34:37.290
Christopher Aston: Other opportunities that might result in scholarships and scholarship dollars or grant dollars on that that that could help students save money in the long run.

00:34:37.680 --> 00:34:44.010
Christopher Aston: But this this question here from a student said when searching through scholarships what should they keep in mind.

00:34:44.340 --> 00:34:57.900
Christopher Aston: And then they go on to say how to find the good ones versus the bad ones are ones that are so ridiculous and outrageous that they're doing and they know that they're one in 1000 billion chance of getting is there some good tips there from from the experts.

00:34:58.950 --> 00:35:09.150
Shelline Warren: Well, one of the tips that I would give students searching for scholarships, is that they should always be free, there should not be paying to go on a scholarship service to look for scholarships.

00:35:09.450 --> 00:35:23.970
Shelline Warren: They should start first with the institution that they're planning on going to so we have a scholarship platform here that students will go to and once they fill out their initial profile we do match up different characteristics of their.

00:35:25.170 --> 00:35:29.820
Shelline Warren: Eligibility some click that some things that they may be eligible for based on the.

00:35:30.330 --> 00:35:46.410
Shelline Warren: criteria of the scholarship so those matches are really important, because then it narrows them down to those scholarships that are really important or really irrelevant to them so that's that's important another thing that students should consider or know that.

00:35:47.580 --> 00:35:51.030
Shelline Warren: The scholarships are available for different reasons, so.

00:35:52.470 --> 00:35:56.910
Shelline Warren: A lot of students think that they have to have a huge deal great GPA or.

00:35:57.930 --> 00:36:06.330
Shelline Warren: A high GPA or different qualifications need even non meat based scholarships are available so students should should apply.

00:36:08.430 --> 00:36:13.230
Christopher Aston: gotcha, thank you for that those are good tips his did you have anything you wanted to add to that.

00:36:13.500 --> 00:36:22.170
Jesus Alvarez: yeah i'd like to do that so for my my my tribe, we have an office, and there was a time where I was talking to this is why we have staff that works there.

00:36:22.500 --> 00:36:31.800
Jesus Alvarez: And we give scholarships and so it clicked in my head, we had hired the people we gave scholarships to and It just seems so logical that Why would she.

00:36:32.610 --> 00:36:40.320
Jesus Alvarez: Some industry is impressed with you to write you a scholarship that's on your resume and that, ultimately, can be the place that you're working.

00:36:40.560 --> 00:36:49.200
Jesus Alvarez: So when you're applying to graduate you're applying for jobs they already know who you are so I would seek out the industry like be creative think of the.

00:36:49.500 --> 00:37:03.780
Jesus Alvarez: Industry that you're looking at look at those businesses look, you can go on their websites like Coca Cola, you can go a Coca Cola right type of scholarship and see what's available apply for that so that that's that's a leap to get into job so.

00:37:04.830 --> 00:37:10.170
Jesus Alvarez: You have it as a student you strategically have a way to be known and so take advantage of that.

00:37:10.620 --> 00:37:17.280
Jesus Alvarez: But It just seems so obvious, and I was so happy when it just clicked when I was talking to the staff was like oh my gosh I got to share this so.

00:37:17.580 --> 00:37:25.680
Jesus Alvarez: I we do trainings we do you want hundreds for the freshmen but i'm really glad even time this avenue to share that I think it's so clever so simple so obvious.

00:37:26.100 --> 00:37:35.610
Jesus Alvarez: But just you know you want to gauge with people you know, everybody wants to be working and you want to be your career Why not try to get some money and have them very impressed with you so.

00:37:35.820 --> 00:37:47.190
Christopher Aston: cheers to that I agree with you, I hear you very good i'm so couple different options for you to consider um thank you both Julian and his then you're probably wondering everybody like Oh well, I.

00:37:47.640 --> 00:38:00.150
Christopher Aston: I didn't write this down or i'm typing as best as I can, this is being recorded so we'll end up on the website, sooner or later, and some of you are also still typing away on the question and answer and so i'll also ask my panelists to if they see the the question and answer.

00:38:01.200 --> 00:38:11.820
Christopher Aston: buttons there, and if you open that up just to take a look um there's some questions in there that might not be applicable for all of our audience, but just some of them, so if you could answer them directly, that would also work out to.

00:38:12.120 --> 00:38:17.700
Christopher Aston: i'm going to turn really quickly to kyle and Chris and crystal i'm here on scholarships and or grant dollars that are.

00:38:17.940 --> 00:38:30.270
Christopher Aston: being offered up, I know, the Union has a board that has dollars that can also support some funding sometimes it's not you know just money for apartments, but it is money in general for for different utility.

00:38:30.660 --> 00:38:37.890
Christopher Aston: purposes and crystal I know the nyc is a big supporter of student student welfare so crystal or or Co.

00:38:39.270 --> 00:38:50.880
Christel Bowen: And that's been a time into I know his this chilling it's shared some really great resources, but also look at departments to I know, for example, i'm part of the family consumer science department.

00:38:51.240 --> 00:38:58.050
Christel Bowen: And they offer a lot of scholarships as well, so look at the specific groups you're also involved with I think that's a great resource as well.

00:38:58.890 --> 00:39:05.700
Christel Bowen: And again, I think there's just a lot of resources out there, I know a few years ago, I was looking into and there's a lot of things out there.

00:39:06.480 --> 00:39:11.100
Christel Bowen: Sometimes you have to take a little bit to write to find a few things, but I think there's always some really cool stuff.

00:39:11.640 --> 00:39:20.760
Christel Bowen: Like I even know at some point, there was a bookstore loan which I knows more alone on a grant or scholarship but there's a lot of really great resources that we have here at the sun and.

00:39:21.210 --> 00:39:30.330
Christel Bowen: You know, always again with our food programs right all of our stuff is free come in grab some free food right I think that's always one way to also help.

00:39:30.780 --> 00:39:39.780
Christel Bowen: we're supplemental so we get you to the next week in the next week and hopefully we connect you with calfresh and get you those bigger bucks to get you through the month as well.

00:39:40.470 --> 00:39:45.150
Christopher Aston: Right and the idea here with calfresh and the food pantry and basic needs in general is.

00:39:45.450 --> 00:39:50.700
Christopher Aston: If you're trying to find scholarship dollars or whatnot to facilitate your lifestyle or to pay for food.

00:39:50.910 --> 00:40:04.770
Christopher Aston: The idea here behind the food pantry and trying to give you those types of products and those dollars for those products is so that you might not find you might not have to hunt as hard for those dollars for that food or for those things or find a job.

00:40:05.250 --> 00:40:17.700
Christopher Aston: If you can just take a second and utilize the resources that might already be there for you so that's that's that's just some other tips to work through on the tips that were already included kyle did you have anything to include.

00:40:18.750 --> 00:40:29.400
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): yeah I was just gonna say that you know, obviously there's a lot of resource centers in the university student union if your military connected the vrs us there for you, if you're part of the LGBT Q plus.

00:40:30.090 --> 00:40:37.710
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Community the pride centers there for you and you know it's really about connecting with those communities and seeing what resources are available.

00:40:37.920 --> 00:40:46.050
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Because it might not always be crystal clear on the season, you know financial aid website, there are other opportunities out there that arise.

00:40:46.290 --> 00:40:52.290
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Student government like associated students and the usc board of directors is extremely reactive.

00:40:52.740 --> 00:41:00.480
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): and listening to student needs so with meetings like the Board of Directors and a student government and Senate that happen every month.

00:41:00.990 --> 00:41:13.860
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): it's hard to solve a problem or an address a need and let unless it's known, so there is open forum all the time to these meetings and if students if there's a valid need for a lot of these things like financial support.

00:41:14.730 --> 00:41:22.980
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): A lot of times there will be a reaction to your student government who's here to support see some students and to see students succeed.

00:41:23.190 --> 00:41:36.000
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): So you know really to address that need is something that you know student government does as a reaction to an overwhelming need for more grants more financial assistance, so I think it's really important.

00:41:36.600 --> 00:41:47.100
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): On historically active campus like see son to make sure that your voice is being heard and coming together, because you know everything is here to support the students and their needs so.

00:41:47.790 --> 00:41:50.130
Christopher Aston: i'm with you on that one Thank you so much for that kyle yeah.

00:41:50.580 --> 00:41:57.990
Christopher Aston: be involved in being connected with those folks that you see regularly anyway that mean what's The worst thing that can happen is that they don't have the dollars for you.

00:41:58.230 --> 00:42:05.280
Christopher Aston: In that way, at that time, but maybe they do i'm going to push this back towards financial aid and scholarships, one more time and.

00:42:05.550 --> 00:42:15.840
Christopher Aston: there's a couple questions that came in on income appeals and bounce applications and whatnot um there's there's one that's actually come up a couple times and i'll read it verbatim from one of our students.

00:42:16.200 --> 00:42:21.300
Christopher Aston: If you accepted a loan to cover tuition and then received a grant later in the Semester.

00:42:21.720 --> 00:42:36.000
Christopher Aston: With those types of situations what's happening to the loan is it reimbursed and credited for the amount of the grants, how does the money, transfer or how do we break that down who do we call if we just don't understand what what's going on there to get us coach through it any thoughts.

00:42:37.230 --> 00:42:43.110
Shelline Warren: um I think the best place to to do is to make an appointment with a financial aid counselor but to explain it.

00:42:43.680 --> 00:42:52.770
Shelline Warren: Yes, if you if you receive a grant later after you've accepted your loans, then we have always want to give free money first those things that.

00:42:53.160 --> 00:42:58.320
Shelline Warren: Funds that students do not have to repay So what we would do in most cases is replace.

00:42:58.590 --> 00:43:13.350
Shelline Warren: The grant the loan funds that they've received, we will return them and then we will replace it with grant and that's only in the case of the student accepted the loan and they're up to their cost of attendance and students can always request that loans be returned.

00:43:15.540 --> 00:43:20.730
Christopher Aston: gotcha as as I mean understanding that they haven't utilize all of those.

00:43:21.420 --> 00:43:31.050
Christopher Aston: Obviously okay gotcha perfect um another one from another student here, and this is about an income a pure form and perhaps something that.

00:43:31.500 --> 00:43:37.800
Christopher Aston: might not be applicable to everyone, but i'll read it verbatim just to see if anybody else might be able to feel this but.

00:43:38.640 --> 00:43:48.210
Christopher Aston: Sometimes when you're applying for the fafsa application you fill it out wrong or some some piece of it didn't work out right, so in this case, they need to turn in and income appeal form.

00:43:48.870 --> 00:43:58.830
Christopher Aston: Because, at one point they were working full time, but now they're only part time and they didn't receive financial aid so they're in a different category, if you will, so they already submitted the best application for the.

00:44:00.510 --> 00:44:07.530
Christopher Aston: school year can they can the income appeal potentially help receive more aid or receive aid in general, what are your thoughts.

00:44:08.130 --> 00:44:21.090
Shelline Warren: Absolutely so recently we sent out did outreach to all of the financial aid recipients and share with them that there are opportunities for them to turn in an income appeal to be considered if they are facing financial hardships.

00:44:21.330 --> 00:44:29.850
Shelline Warren: So in that particular situation if their income for one year is much less or substantially less than the APP what they place on their application.

00:44:30.030 --> 00:44:41.340
Shelline Warren: The possibility exists that we can do a recalculation of eligibility and they will cause them to be eligible for more grants so by all means, we encourage students to turn in the income appeal make us aware.

00:44:41.580 --> 00:44:48.690
Shelline Warren: of any changes or hardships that they're experiencing because it should be, or can be to their benefit to receive additional eight.

00:44:49.710 --> 00:44:59.580
Christopher Aston: understood good good advice perfect actually um that actually cleared up a lot I get that question, often in some way, shape or form not exactly the way it was packaged but.

00:45:00.270 --> 00:45:06.450
Christopher Aston: here's another question related to dollars or scholarship hunting um there's a rumor out there sometimes that it's.

00:45:06.720 --> 00:45:20.100
Christopher Aston: that most of the money there is for undergraduate students and where do we find these graduate dollars and, in fact, if it's graduate dollars is just a scholarship is based on merit is based off grace, what do I do if i'm a graduate student i'm hunting for money.

00:45:22.080 --> 00:45:32.400
Shelline Warren: If you're a graduate student hunting for money, I think you we would give the same advice I think one of the key things that we did shared here is to contact your department.

00:45:33.000 --> 00:45:36.150
Shelline Warren: Because we do have full scholarships on our portal.

00:45:36.390 --> 00:45:49.800
Shelline Warren: For graduate students so that's a good place to look as well, so there are scholarships out there for graduate students so it's really important that you just use all the resources that you have available to look for those scholarships, but specifically.

00:45:50.580 --> 00:46:07.020
Shelline Warren: For graduate students, you ask the question are they married or neat base a lot of the scholarships, even for undergraduate students may be merit based so it's a good idea for students to look for them apply, and you know, based on the GPA and other criteria they may be eligible.

00:46:08.160 --> 00:46:15.900
Christopher Aston: understood all right very good um now, I have a question related to Doc or recipients and.

00:46:16.530 --> 00:46:23.220
Christopher Aston: As a doctor recipient what other financial resources do they have on campus now we've already established that there is a Center.

00:46:23.490 --> 00:46:33.240
Christopher Aston: On the dream Center on pile of that is in the university student Union Am I correct about that what are their hours really quickly for those students that are dreamers or Dhaka candidates, you know.

00:46:33.480 --> 00:46:41.520
Christopher Aston: As you're looking for that I should say um is there anything that you some marquee statements that we need to know about for the undocumented students or students.

00:46:44.760 --> 00:46:57.660
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): So the dream Center is located near the computer lab um it's next to a building called the northridge Center and their hours right now are Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm and also.

00:46:58.410 --> 00:47:10.800
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Available virtually on Friday 10am to 2pm you can go on their website see slash dream Center and there'll be a chat function there and contact information for you to follow up about specific.

00:47:11.400 --> 00:47:25.950
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): questions you have, there are also loads of workshops with Carson to help connect folks with other information they might need that's outside of see sun and an academic community.

00:47:27.180 --> 00:47:30.330
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): But as far as individual questions that you might have.

00:47:30.690 --> 00:47:37.500
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Definitely, on a case by case basis, but like I said before, definitely make sure you're connecting with resource centers that are in your Community because there might be something.

00:47:37.680 --> 00:47:46.830
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): That isn't widely acknowledged or known from a campus standpoint but might be a California grant might be another donation that came through.

00:47:47.280 --> 00:47:57.300
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): anytime during the Semester, for example, the veterans resource Center received an anonymous donation that they then use to help support student veterans about.

00:47:57.330 --> 00:48:00.420
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): Two years ago, but it was something that wasn't on the season website.

00:48:00.630 --> 00:48:12.750
Kyle Hufnagel (he/him): And wasn't available until you know it came in so always new opportunities always new possibilities are on the horizon so just make sure that you're checking in with your communities and staying connected.

00:48:13.470 --> 00:48:20.550
Christopher Aston: Right um, thank you for that I appreciate it, and as far as Dhaka, I know that there's different classifications, so if you're.

00:48:21.090 --> 00:48:32.130
Christopher Aston: If it's if it's strange if you're holding where you're stopping in front of a building because it says dream Center and you're not quote unquote a dreamer but you fall into a different category within that group and your status.

00:48:32.580 --> 00:48:37.200
Christopher Aston: don't hesitate, please just go in and they will they'll pivot and and get you to the right.

00:48:37.740 --> 00:48:43.650
Christopher Aston: resource if that's not the space that you need to go same thing will occur with financial aid and scholarships and.

00:48:44.130 --> 00:48:53.370
Christopher Aston: I understand that sometimes you don't qualify for fafsa, and so what are those options What are those best options those would be again case to case basis and.

00:48:53.820 --> 00:49:01.620
Christopher Aston: At some point, you can qualify, sometimes for certain funding and I do have a question, maybe to Charlene and he's us.

00:49:02.280 --> 00:49:15.780
Christopher Aston: Regarding perhaps if folks that didn't qualify Professor or they quote would they qualify for the mattock grants or all these other different funds that are kind of in addition to the the large lump sum that we might receive before you.

00:49:17.310 --> 00:49:25.980
Shelline Warren: Yes, that would be eligible for the medicare grants and some of the grants, yes, absolutely but it's important to remember that there is a California.

00:49:26.370 --> 00:49:33.270
Shelline Warren: Application for dreamers and so, with it, but by filling out that application, you are considered for cal grant.

00:49:34.020 --> 00:49:41.700
Shelline Warren: Opportunities so it's important that if you're eligible to apply that you complete that application and we do utilize that information.

00:49:41.940 --> 00:49:55.830
Shelline Warren: To assist with other grants, you may be eligible for the middle class scholarship, for example, which is a state grant and there are some other grants in which we award have based on students that have filled out the California application for dreamers.

00:49:56.490 --> 00:49:59.760
Christopher Aston: Excellent, thank you for that I appreciate it, I have.

00:50:00.630 --> 00:50:10.380
Christopher Aston: We have just about five or so minutes I am i'm holding out just to check the time really quickly, I think we have about 10 minutes left and we're.

00:50:10.620 --> 00:50:22.620
Christopher Aston: we're coming down close to the bottom of the list, because a lot of the questions have been bundled up together and you've been answering them so well um one thing i'll put out there, that a student has sent me is talking about.

00:50:23.580 --> 00:50:33.990
Christopher Aston: dyslexia for this particular situation, but there are many they're arranged abilities that we all have and how do these play factor in perhaps looking for dollars or looking for support, etc.

00:50:34.500 --> 00:50:42.300
Christopher Aston: So there are scholarships available through dress for students, that are a registered with Dr yes and i'm going to go ahead and put that.

00:50:42.570 --> 00:50:54.540
Christopher Aston: In the chat right now and you're going to go ahead and contact one person in particular, her name is katie Caldwell and go ahead and send her an email for folks that are registered with dress for disability education and.

00:50:55.770 --> 00:51:08.280
Christopher Aston: Education service disability resources and education services, there you go um you'll you'll want to contact them directly to see if there are any scholarships specifically for subgroups and folks that.

00:51:08.790 --> 00:51:20.310
Christopher Aston: That similar to what I was just speaking about okay so let's see here I think i'm pretty done i'm pretty much done with all the questions that we were given initially.

00:51:20.640 --> 00:51:24.240
Christopher Aston: i'll also turn to the fantastic people we don't see them.

00:51:24.660 --> 00:51:34.590
Christopher Aston: Directly a lot of our students might not know they exist, but we have some folks in the background that are pulling the widgets and and and helping us get pinned on here and and they're they're keeping me.

00:51:35.280 --> 00:51:51.480
Christopher Aston: they're keeping me moving so i'm going to ask them if there are any other questions, we can we can go from there, or if there are any things that our panelists didn't quite address that we want to speak about now i'm happy to.

00:51:51.900 --> 00:52:02.430
Christopher Aston: To help out now dress I fumbled over this one, a couple were a couple times this is to one of the students who just put it in the chat dress stands for disability education, excuse me, disability resources.

00:52:02.700 --> 00:52:15.420
Christopher Aston: and educational services so services that are specifically designed for folks with disabilities, that have them registered with the university, so this can go range from a broken arm to somebody with dyslexia to somebody who needs additional.

00:52:16.500 --> 00:52:24.420
Christopher Aston: Fast facets, to help them take tests, etc, etc, so, and there is their website Thank you dang I appreciate that.

00:52:25.500 --> 00:52:34.170
Christopher Aston: Very good, on some questions that were answered by the President, initially in her welcome i'll put out there, and these were questions that were brought to us.

00:52:35.040 --> 00:52:50.760
Christopher Aston: Initially, when you all rsvp some bigger questions like Okay, I hear about how the university who sees all these dollars so much money from the state from a whether it's coven related or disaster related or mackenzie Scott.

00:52:51.420 --> 00:52:55.890
Christopher Aston: She donated so and so million dollars to the university, where is this money going.

00:52:56.370 --> 00:53:02.400
Christopher Aston: um i'll say that well it's invested appropriately and in a smart way it's not money that.

00:53:02.670 --> 00:53:10.980
Christopher Aston: That can just be handed out to students, I think we should know big picture, universities, like the CSU all the CSU, they all pay the same amount for tuition.

00:53:11.250 --> 00:53:19.020
Christopher Aston: it's agreed upon by the Board of Trustees and and then ratified in place to into into what you see in your invoice later on.

00:53:19.560 --> 00:53:27.960
Christopher Aston: changes of prices between every CSU is based off of what health what they're healthy looks like what their student activity feed looks like those change from.

00:53:28.470 --> 00:53:37.200
Christopher Aston: From group to group, but as far as seeing your tuition drop dramatically because somebody donated you know, a couple thousand or million dollars to.

00:53:37.380 --> 00:53:51.330
Christopher Aston: To the university is unlikely to happen, just because of the way it's all it's all organized That said, university does do their best to invest wisely, so that they can offer you on well brands, like the medicare funding such like that.

00:53:52.110 --> 00:53:58.890
Christopher Aston: or they can continue to fund university student Union events and or the food pantry i'm.

00:53:59.970 --> 00:54:06.960
Christopher Aston: The pop country and food pantry amenities, and, of course, all of the other things that you would you did hear about today.

00:54:07.440 --> 00:54:17.580
Christopher Aston: i'm going to see here we can Ping any burger if there's any time and need so it seems here that we do have a representative from the CSM bookstore or back.

00:54:17.970 --> 00:54:25.710
Christopher Aston: Not the bookstore see some campus or my apologies, new name for us i'm amy if you are there is there anything that we missed.

00:54:26.460 --> 00:54:31.080
Christopher Aston: In speaking to our students about you can let me know by placing that in the chat.

00:54:31.710 --> 00:54:43.350
Christopher Aston: But essentially if your ears perked up because you were curious about the free textbooks or the free apple iPad and pencil and whatnot you're a new student or you enter the university this year.

00:54:43.740 --> 00:54:53.460
Christopher Aston: um you can feel free to contact the see some books or the season campus store and they'll fill you in with a little bit more information there if you don't find it i'm on a on a website.

00:54:54.540 --> 00:55:06.720
Christopher Aston: So day and let's see here Julia are there anything else is there anything else that I can add to this, you can put that in the chat If not, I see you jumping in there hi there Dan how are you.

00:55:07.410 --> 00:55:22.050
Yi Ding "Ding" (she/her): i'm good Thank you so much i'm just gonna check in hand with amy if you have anything to add, thank you for being here to answer questions amy anything to add about the next steps about exciting programs.

00:55:25.050 --> 00:55:28.680
Yi Ding "Ding" (she/her): I know both season ready and the see success will be continuing and spraying.

00:55:29.070 --> 00:55:31.890
Yi Ding "Ding" (she/her): law but anything that students should know or they should.

00:55:33.270 --> 00:55:33.870
Yi Ding "Ding" (she/her): be aware of.

00:55:39.450 --> 00:55:40.530
Julia Heinen - CSUN: Being we're getting amy.

00:55:40.770 --> 00:55:41.580
Yi Ding "Ding" (she/her): amy amy.

00:55:41.670 --> 00:55:42.510
Christopher Aston: amy you might want to.

00:55:43.260 --> 00:55:43.860
Yi Ding "Ding" (she/her): mute yourself.

00:55:45.690 --> 00:55:45.990