Community Engagement

S4 Database

S4 Service Learning Database:

The S4 Database is an online database used to manage student academic placements with approved community organizations for students enrolled in Community-based Learning (Service Learning), academic internships, and field trips. The database simplifies the student placement process while measuring students’ impact on their community.

S4 enables the campus to more efficiently capture student’s community engagement activities while it also provides students, faculty, and community organizations with a user-friendly interface.

The S4 Database:

  • Adheres to CSU Executive Orders 1031(document retention), 1062 (Field Trip), and 1064 (Internship/Community-based Learning)
  • Supports students’ engagement activities 
  • Retains students’ mandatory risk management forms and evaluations
  • Maintains a list of approved community organizations (
  • Captures student placements at community organizations
  • Captures information for NEW community organizations interested in partnering with campus programs  (
  • Reduces paper consumption and supports campuses’ sustainability efforts
  • Generates data for CSU reporting
  • Holds procurement documentation of approved community organizations
  • Connects with PeopleSoft to capture your course and roster information
  • Informs students of potential risks’ at sites
  • Captures students’ community impact

Community Partners:

Community partners are integral to the success of our Community-based Learning (Service Learning) students. They are co-educators who works directly with faculty to provide high quality service- learning projects for our students.

Please contact The Office of Community Engagement with questions regarding the S4 Service Learning Database, (818) 677-7395.