Community Engagement

Grant Opportunities


Our office is pleased to announce our annual round of funding for the Fall 2019 semester. We are offering five types of grants to support faculty in providing new service learning opportunities to students and in disseminating service learning knowledge, research or findings. Tenured, tenure-track, and lecturer faculty are eligible to apply.

Application Directions:

  1. Using the links below, download and then complete the application form for the grant(s) for which you would like to apply.  (You may apply for a Dissemination/Travel Grant in addition to any of the other grants.)
  2. Using the submit button at the end of each application, submit each application to  . (You will need to attach your saved application to your email submission)
  3. To complete your application submission, please download the Signature and Departmental Consent page for your application (linked at the end of each application).
  4. Once you and your department chair have signed the Signature and Departmental Consent page, please send to  .


Grants Applications are due Monday, April 1st



Contact Jeanine Minge, Ph.D., Director of Community Engagement ( ) or

Svetlana Tyutina, PH.D., Director of Student Engagement and Service Learning ( )