Community Engagement

"What Would You Say?" Workshop Week

Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 10:00am to Tuesday, November 1, 2022 - 2:00pm

CSUN Arts Gallery (West Gallery)



What do you want to say about voting? Artists 4 Democracy (A4D) will be on campus this fall with a series of four workshops about how to use art and design to share your ideas about democracy. There will be workshops on sign making (Oct 20), zine making (Oct 25), costume making (Oct 27) and going viral online (Nov. 1). SAY WHAT! is part of the WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? exhibition at the CSUN Arts Galleries, exploring the intersection of inventive design and political activism. A4D is an all-volunteer group of artists that works with artistsarts educators and students to protect democracy by mobilizing the arts community for political action and civic engagement. The workshops are free and all CSUN students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited. No prior art or political experience is required. Check out the workshops we have lined up below! You can also learn more on the CSUN Art Galleries page!




Date/ Time:    October 20, 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm

Hosted By: Deborah Aschheim and Lynne Berman

Join our hosts as they build on their successful poster making workshops they created in collaboration with undocumented immigrant groups in 2017-18. Using repurposed cardboard and paint, participants will make eye catching sculptural/painterly signs that really speak for them. The colorful, uniquely shaped graphic objects will be incorporated into actions and used as wayfinding in addition to being shared in the gallery.




Date/ Time:    Tuesday, Oct 25, 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm

Hosted By: Bronwyn Mauldin and Marisa Futernick

A workshop where participants will learn how to create a zine where they explain WHY and/or HOW they engage with civic life. Begin with a facilitated conversation about what "civic life" is and explore the ways they already engage with it (or would like to). Zines can be about thinking and logic (how) or feelings (why), letting any and all connect their civic engagement with whichever they prefer to lead with, their minds or their hearts. 



Revolution in Costume

Date/ Time:    October 27th, 1pm-3pm

Hosted By: Ry Rocklen and Lee Webster

Join Ry Rocklen and Lee Webster for a workshop focused on the creation of costumes and props meant to bring about political change.  The workshop will consist of a presentation of how costume, props, and performance have been used in protest and political activism. Students will then be asked to create costumes and props to bring attention to their political and global concerns. Finally, we will activate our costumes and props with a brief walk around campus.   



Let’s Go Viral! 

Date/ Time:    Tuesday Nov 1, 1pm-3pm

Hosted By: Sarana Mehra and Kysa Johnson

This workshop will show participants how they can take the work they’ve created in the poster and zine making workshops and create simple but powerful animations that amplify the message they want to communicate.  A4D members Kysa Johnson and Sarana Mehra will lead a discussion on how and why to become influencers for the causes that matter.